"Its only a game...." My random thoughts

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"Its only a game...." My random thoughts

I quit EQ over a month ago...thats right I quit

I urge anyone who plays this game to do the same thing. My story is in the "My Stories" section so I wont relate it here.

Everquest, is not only a game, its an addiction. It seems harmless at first, but once you get a taste you get hooked. Its understandably addictive though, and Im not surprised that I became what I did. You see in Everquest you can become someone that only exists in your mind. You can live in a world free of the stresses of real life. I was rich, powerful, and popular on my server. I had tons of friends, I could kill things with 1 spell, I had mules stocked with tons of gear, and I had a bank full of platinum. I was a success, I was a celebrity. I was also mistaken. You see while I lived and prospered in my fantasy world, my real life took a back seat. I ignored my friends and family. I took for granted my wife's patience and understanding. Everquest is only a game, and one day it will end, Remember that when it does end, and it will, who will be there for you? Will your wife or husband still be by your side? Will your friends still remember you? Will your family still respect you?

To this day I get the urge everyday to play. Its a tough feeling to get over. I read about the new UI and the new expansion coming out. I read about my old guilds accomplishements and all of the "ph4t l3wtz" that they get and wonder if I still played whether I would be getting that. I cringe, and I grimace thinking about what I may have given up. I was a level 60 wizard, with my epic and great gear....no I wasn't....I was an addict.

It has been 35 days since I quit playing. I broke my CD's long ago and deleted EQ off my hard drive. I gave the account to someone and made them to swear that they would never ever give me the new password to that station name. It sounds sad and pathetic, but it really isnt. I have started seeing a counselor to help me deal with my marriage and this.

It's funny now to think back to the days when I did play, and how I thought that it would never end. I think it was those very thoughts that made me realize how dangerous this game is.

If you value your marriage, friends and career; I urge anyone who plays this to stop before it gets too late.


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Re: "Its only a game...." My random thoughts

Hi Fred, I understand exactly what you are saying. I feel the same way. The good news is, each day away makes the feeling subside that much more. 3 and a half months gone, but I still feel the urge from time to time, mostly on those days when work doesn't go well, or something else goes wrong. In the past, I would pop onto Everquest and push those problems aside to hide out in Norrath. Now, I have to face these problems and deal with them. It's not easy, but it's rewarding when the bad day is over or the problem has been taken care of.

The allure of EQ is the illusion of "accomplishment and success." But all of the platinum and ph4t l3wt in Norrath means nothing in the real world where things REALLY matter.
You don't realize this when you are playing for hours daily. Your reality moves from the "cruel" real world to the cartoon world of Norrath in which anyone can be rich, sexy, popular and powerful with relative ease.

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Re: "Its only a game...." My random thoughts

that is an ignorant thing to say. i play EQ and I am not addicted I play a little after work if I don't have anything else planned. Just because you and some others are too weak willed or have no socoal life that is no reason to put down the entire game. I have fun when I play and I have made friends online that DO talk to me about many other things besides EQ and do talk to me either in E-mail or in real life, if they live close, weather I am logged in or not or have logged in that week or not. i am sick of people putting down a product that is enjoyable for people who do not go overboard, i cam to this site just to see if anyone takes it seriously, well you don't. You have a one sided discussion and believe the thing to be evil just because you can't handle it. To be honest it doesn't matter because you couldn't stop a game like this if you try. I wouldn't really care one way or another if it was shut down, IT IS JUST A GAME. like any other. Oh no I had a beer today I must be an alcoholic in your twisted minds. There is no chemical dependancy on EQ and therfore it should not be considered addicting, you people who b**** and moan about ti are just losers who probably didn't have any life to begin with, try blaming yourselves for a chance and not coping out by trying to blame others.

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Re: "Its only a game...." My random thoughts

I am happy you are feeling better. If you are, er were, really addicted to an on line game, be carefull that you dont replace that addiction with something else.

Like another game.
Like a chat room.
Like a forum.

Addictions come in many forms. Now that you are fighting the urges, look for the real cause and that will cure the symptons. Please dont replace the symptoms with another addictions, fix the cause.

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Re: "Its only a game...." My random thoughts

Quote:Everquest, is not only a game, its an addiction.The compulsive gamer needs to be willing to accept the fact that he or she is in the grip of a progressive illness and has a desire to get well. You are still in denial, blaming the game rather than accepting personal responsibility.

Horse races are not addictive. Card decks are not addictive. Television is not addictive. Likewise, EverQuest is not addictive.

Until you accept personal responsibility, realising you are the problem, you run a significant risk of replacing one obsession with another. Treat the disease, not the symptoms.

Quote:If you value your marriage, friends and career; I urge anyone who plays this to stop before it gets too late.
Nearly half a million people play EverQuest, realising it is nothing more than a form of entertainment. They play when they feel like and have no problem logging out when they're done. Only those who play compulsively need "stop before it gets too late".

Adrienna Levesque
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I dont think Fred was insulting anyone who still plays the game. When someone quits something that hurt their lives, of course said thing is going to seem very ominous and evil to them. I seriously think Fred was trying to reach out and help others who are in the same situation, not those who are indeed in control of their playing. Not to sound like I am pointing fingers, but why do you feel the need to defend your position so much? Fred had a problem; you apparently, do not. This board is for people with problems that result in over-gaming. Please dont make it harder for those with problems to belittle them and twist their words as an affront to your lifestyle.

Daniel Polwarth
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How could you?

I just don't get you. You were a gaming God. You were a hero to people like me who don't have the guts and determination to become level 60. I look at you, and I wish that I could be like you, that I could be as comitted and as powerful as you were.

And you threw it away.

How could you? I feel that you've betrayed me.


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Re: Daniel

Fred is still a hero.

And what he has done for his family and real life proves it.

You may want to take a good look at what his is saying.

He is a very powerful and committed man, and he just
proved it.

I hope you will still continue to be like he is...he is a
wise man.


Liz Woolley

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Re: How could you?

So, let me get this straight, Daniel: if it had to come between his being a gaming god and, say, his saving elements of his life that was suffering, like his family, he should choose the game?

And you feel betrayed - that surely sounds like the signs of an addict - its just a game, after all.

As for the rest of you, you really need to examine our statements and opinions before launching in to this "stop blaming the game" mentality. Our official stance is that we don't blame the game; yes, we DO expect people to take responsibility with themselves.

The thing that the rest of you detractors are missing is this: we are here to help people who are asking for help, not to go to YOUR message boards and troll it like many of you take delight in doing here.

The other thing you are missing is this: why is it that people get so much more obsessed with EQ than other games? There is a reason it has been nicknamed Evercrack, and why the stories of people who are destroying their lives over it are growing.

We aren't saying the game, in and of itself, is to blame; but it is incredibly appealing to people who are vulnerable to addiction, and there must be a reason for that.

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