A moment of clarity

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A moment of clarity

Hello, my name is Oskar and I'm addicted to wow. I live in Sweden and have played wow since the european public beta. I found this site on search, took the survey and scored sky high. My moment of clarity came this morning as I went to bed after a long gaming session that lasted almost the whole night.

That night I considered buying gold from the internet and got irritated by how hard it was for the provider to accept my billing card. Eventually I gave up and about there I saw what I had become. Here's my story for whoever might care;

I started playing wow while in last year of "gymnasiet" (high school) and it affected my grades almost emmidiately even though I got very good grades anyway. Not very soon after I started playing I got injured during my thaiboxing practise and had to take a long break, resulting in more playing (and no comeback for that matter). Now it has reached its extremes when I've lied about how much I play, feel like the game is a second job and almost blew my one chance to College playing instead of studying for one single (and rather simple) test.

Here's a list of things my online gaming career has given me:

Crunching and aching knees, hip and lower back
Lost musical career (bass and guitarplayer)
Lost sports (thai- and normal boxing)
Loss of job opportunities
Eye infection (last summer, due to a combo of allergies and late nights by the computer)
Reduced social life (lost touch with many friends)
Loss of fitness in general
A monthly bill
Sleep problems

I can't come up with more at the moment, but I know there is more. I feel relieved by admitting my addiction but I still feel bad about where it all has taken me. Thankfully I have my girlfriend and other friends to support me back to the real fight. Unfortunatly my girlfriend is actually starting to play as I'm quitting, but I'm sure I won't be lured as I have so many concrete symptoms from the story to carry with me. Sorry for making a long post, but this was the best place for me to vent. Thank you for reading, hope all of you out there make it back.

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Re: A moment of clarity

Hey wolbor,

Thanks for sharing your story.

90% of the disease is denial. Once you get through that, and can actually see and admit what is happening to you, you can start doing something about it.

I hope you will look over our website - www.olganon.org and the message board. We offer a lot of tools to help you get back to your real life. Here is a post that I think is very helpful to gamers - p198.ezboard.com/folgafrm3.showMessage?topicID=237.topic

Keep coming back, wolbor. It is by helping each other, that we help ourselves.


Liz Woolley

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