Nothing Compares....

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Nothing Compares....

It all started when I was 7. My friend nate busted out his drawing pad and drew a dragon. I would draw the weapons and armor. At 9 we got our first 12 sided dye and had a group of 5 kids from 9-14 ready to play some D&D at a moments notice. We followed the rules of the play as much as we understood them. Nintendo began to drive the dice to the shoebox as Dragon Warrior hit the shelves of my local retail big box. Then I hit prep school became an athlete went to college. I graduated early with honors. I thought the video game bug I had was dead. I am 25 and 30 minutes ago my fiance walked out the door. I graduated at 21 and have been playing the Lineage series of games since there existence. Looking back on the last 5 years everything is clouded by gaming. I have spent a small fortune on ebay of money I didnt have IE creditcards overdrawing my bank. To get the top items and to have my characters powerleveld while I worked a day job. 3 months ago I lost my job because I told my work that my father had passed away and that I needed time off. He did not pass away and I was out of work for 3 weeks power leveling my character to the point where I fell out of my chair. I lost my job. My job is was a dream job. I worked for an aerospace company that manufactured high grade composite materials. Now I have nothing to show for it but a level XX character on lineage 2. A rough estimate of my money that i threw down the drain is between 4000-6000USD. My fiance just doesnt understand why I cant find a job. I lie to her everyday saying that I spent the day out looking and had no luck. For 3 months I have been looking and she is catching on. This is my admission I have a problem I am an addict. I love my fiance. I feel so numb to anything outside of lineage 2. It seems almost that my real world has switched and that the game is reality. I shut off the game stepped back and I am ready to take this on. I need to know what to do.