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My first post:

Hey, I read about this site in the latest Rollingstone Magazine. It was in the Video Game Addiction article. I decided to come here and sign up.

Well, I took the screenings and answered "Yes" to most of the questions. I am, however, not interested in quitting online gaming since it keeps me off drugs I guess.

I've been a compulsive online gamer since age 14. I'm now 17 and I'm addicted Diablo II, Warcraft III: Frozen Throne, Quake 3, and Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, regularly.

Lately, I have been waiting for Half Life 2 to come out, since I have been getting bored with the games I currently am addicted to. I never did fancy EverCrack, though, I wish I did .

Since 15, I've enjoyed MAKING games rather than PLAYING them. I've become a Battle.Net celebrity after making a few addicting games for Warcraft III. One person even told me that he played one of my games so much he developed boarderline carpel tunnel .

I plan on attending college and majoring in Video Game Design; It's my passion .

Many of you may have heard of the current Blizzard project: World of Warcraft. I assume my compulsive online game addiction will flare up after the release of that. Before the release I will stack up on bottled water and snack foods so I can spend minimum time out of the chair.

Anyway, when I began playing online games, I was depressed. Being in the Diablo II realms made me happy. After about a year, I was in the top 10 PvP (Player vs. Player) on the US East realm. I felt as if I had accomplished something. Whenever I would lose a duel, I would get very histerical and angry. After 3 years, I've really changed. I'm not depressed anymore, I only play games about 4-5 hours a day now and my past is something I an laugh about.

Talk to you guys later. Peace.

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Re: Screenings

Hi Agony, welcome!
The screenings aren't really intended to be anything more than a way for someone to check in with himself and see if his gameplaying is causing any problems in his life. It's not meant as a hard and fast indication of any problems.

I think it's awesome that you are going to be developing games. Here in Orlando, we have Full Sail, which any game designer will recognize as being a top notch school for learning how to do that. Classes run about $30k per year though.. expensive, but if you figure the income potential for today's games, it's not that big an investment.

It's amazing how in just a short time, game technologies have improved. Now that computing power is getting more and more stronger and affordable, the possibilities will be endless for those folks with creative talents. I think the challenge will be to learn how the brain works even more so that A.I. can be developed to the point where speech and graphics are almost indistinguishable from real life.

We are not anti-game here, just pro-balance in that games are both tools for fun and learning, but should be balanced with other real life activities.

But while you're young, go for it, and follow what it is you love to do. There will be enough times when you are older for people to tell you what to do and how to do it. But follow your dreams and if you want to design games, then design the best **** games you can!

Good luck and thanks for dropping by!

By the way, that article that featured me was intended for Reader's Digest and the interview was done over 18 months ago. Rolling Stone just picked it up this month for some reason.

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