So, how does this work?

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So, how does this work?

I'm not exactly sure if I should be posting here, or not. I haven't logged into my game in four days now, and it wasn't out of any conscious decision to quit.

I bought FFXI for me after i quit my job, and after i've had a nervous breakdown and ended up with depressed for months. That problem had nothing to do with gaming, in fact, before I bought FFXI, last video game I played was years earlier, and it was Tomb Raider III. I always liked FF games (to be honest, I only beat two of them. I guess I was never that good at them.)

I did like video games, but more the Tekken/Time Crisis type that I could play with my bf or siblings.

So.. I bought FFXI, and logged on. It... relaxed me. It was a virtual vacation from stress and RL, and it was great. I got to talk to people and play, I leveled

I had other hobbies, before. I can't quite get the focus enough to do any of them now, though. I don't even watch movies/TV anymore. I don't read books, I don't go out much. I liked playing... but lately, I log on and it feels like an neverending series of responsibilities for the other players. (I promised to do quest/mission/level...) So, I didn't log on.

I found that I'm not interested in anything else. Console games don't really interest me. TV doesn't, books don't, the news don't, going out doesn't interest me... I end up thinking about playing, about getting new items and unlocking areas, about the other players.

I know that I'm not depressed anymore, not the way I was two years ago. I checked my playtime earlier this week, and it said 209days.
That's a lot of time that I've spent playing. It's a scary number, actually. It's almost a full year.

I'm just not sure what to do now. Do I just never log in again?

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Re: So, how does this work?

Hey Squiggly,

Thanks for sharing your story.

Balance in your life is important. It sounds like you left go of a lot of stuff, and are mainly gaming.

These new games have a tremendous mental pull. If I were you, I would not log in again, and concentrate on bringing other things into your real life, so you are more balanced.

If nothing else seems quite as pleasurable, so be it. Drugs are very pleasurable to a drug addict. Accept that gaming is your flavor of addiction and you need to view that activity with great caution.

Here is a good post of other things you can do, beside gaming - I hope this helps.

Coming here and posting and sharing can also help you. It would be good to see you here!


Liz Woolley

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