A TV producer looking for personal stories

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A TV producer looking for personal stories

Mr. Ravinder Chahal from the UK

is looking for people who have experience with gaming addiction - addicts, or people who were affected. Particularly for people who live in the UK.

They will be producing an educational series for teens for chanel 4

I have just talked to him and it was very pleasant experience. He is very much interested in personal stories. And I mean that in the good journalistic way, not in the way that people from the TV business often have (from my experience with German TV productions on gaming): "ItA's all blood and gore and antireligious and makes you kill people, tell us how gaming made you mutilate your grandmother"

You could really help him and maybe our cause of getting gaming addiction into public spotlight, thereby removing some of the stigma attached to it by contacting him on:

+44 208 960 1446

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