content filters/blockers - recommendations?

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content filters/blockers - recommendations?


Can anyone recommend any good content filters/blockers to keep certain devices from accessing certain websites?  I think I might help myself by making it more difficult to access free online games.  This is only one tool in the toolbox-- but its one I'd like to try.

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Welcome Nathan !

Welcome Nathan !

I'm glad you found us. Sorry I can't recommend any particular blockers though!


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I had same thought. I do not

I had same thought. I do not know any good blockers.
The thing I did for a while was living without a computer at home. That was quite an effective blocker, but also difficult since you need computers for everything these days.
It requiers some organization, but living without comp at home is certainly doable as an alternative approach for a while. It helped me. But not sure if it is the best in your case. Just throwing it in the group :-)

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