Feels bored and meaningless

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Feels bored and meaningless

I tried to quit several times but very soon I feel uttery bored and life seems so boring and meaningless unlike games where it feels like things get accomplished fairly quickly. It's not helpful that I have no social life because of gaming so when I quit I have nothing to do..but I also feel very fatigued and dont want to do anything either.

" land is ahead but i have to focus on pedalling and not thinking about snu-snu"

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Welcome back Kaban

Welcome back Kaban

Thanks for sharing

These sound like withdrawals ... to be expected when you quit. Members report these get better with time

Ever thought about finding an AA or NA meeting near you ? Some people find it helps and its a social situation to get you started.

Keep coming to the forums to read other stories; you may find something that inspires you.


Parent's online meeting THURSDAY 9pmEST/EDT click here

Online meetings gaming addicts click here

Spouses/SO's of addicts click here

Parents of addicts click here for advice

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welcome back Kaban

hi Kaban, I can relate so much to what you wrote.  For years, I tried to control or stop gaming on my own.  I was defeated again and again, and one big reason was the lethargy, apathy, and withdrawals.  I'm sure that if I had continued on that path, I would have continued alternating between out of control gaming with all its problems, pain and losses, and the pain of withdrawals and depression.

Fortunately, I learned of the program of recovery described here and put it to work in my life.  My life now is better than it has ever been.  I have motivation and energy and a social life and a positive attitude.  I don't game at all and I put my time into things that matter to me and make me feel good.

The program is very simple.  If you go to many meetings, learn from the people who have turned their lives around, and do the things that worked so well for them, you will get similar results.  The change is gradual but over the course of a year or two, the changes are major.  Give yourself the break you deserve and accept the help available.


See you at a meeting.  They're every day at 1:30pm and 10pm Eastern US time.

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I quit three months ago and

I quit three months ago and it took a few weeks to get the meaning back. They were tough weeks but the payoff was massive and still is. You just need the belief to get through the very tough early few weeks. I started to feel alive again and it's getting better all the time. Trust yourself, you can do this.

Search instagram for samyouwellingtonboot

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In real life, you have to

In real life, you have to find your own meaning.  It is more rewarding than gaming, but it's a big adjustment.  Stick with it.

Blogging here helps me remember where I've come from and where I'm at.  Try the CGAA Mumble meetings as others have suggested.  Just show up and listen to start.  They really helped me, as have a Gamblers Anonymous meeting in person.  Just having other people to go through it with makes a huge difference for me.

This weekend I was stung by a caterpillar while weeding.  It really hurt, but I ended up getting some great pictures which made me really happy and lifted my spirits for the rest of the day.

That never happens with gaming.  I get the tiniest sense of rather meaningless satisfaction when completing some game goal that took weeks of my time.  The rest of the time, I'm just pouring my life in and getting frustration and regret in return.  Well, and escape.  The escape is the drug for me.  But no satisfaction.

I just stumbled upon a screen shot from the game and all I can think about is playing right now.  It sounds so good, even though it's so unsatisfying.  Man, I really want to game right now.

Depending on how long you've been playing and how intensely, that can take a long time.  I'm 7 days clean and still dreaming the game about half of the night.  But I'm feeling fairly engaged with my life because I was clean for 7 years, then slowly slid back into binge mode over the last few months, really only completely losing the last few weeks of my life.  So there's a fair amount of real life left for me to return to, which makes it much easier.  If you're dealing with total devastation in your real life, it's much, much harder.

Anyway, I hope you stick with your recovery and find joy!

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