Gambling through google play

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Gambling through google play

Hi guys first time on here and was wondering if anyone has any information abouting baning myself through google play so i cant make any more purchases can i call them? Should i talk to my bank? I have had a lobg time gambling problem that started with pokie machines i do attend a ga meeting and haven't had a bet on a pokie machine or any thing else for nearly 8 years but recently in the last 12 months i can spend 100s of $$ playing onlinr games and waste hours and hours of my life i have began to go back to my old feelings of being antisocial and not sleeping properly and just feeling down i do have the tools to help my self but self exclusion helped me previously if anyone can please help me with preventing me from making purchases on google play i would appreciate it i have tried closing my account but just make a new one i have removed my bank accounts but returned and put them on again thanks


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Thanks for sharing Shelly

Thanks for sharing Shelly

Sorry i can't be much help with your question.

Have you tried to contact Google directly about this?

Yes, it's also a good idea to ask what your bank can do.


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Thanks for sharing Shelly,

Thanks for sharing Shelly, happy you are here



being antisocial and not sleeping properly and just feeling down

I was very antisocial when i was gaming. This was partly a result from gaming, i didnt have the social momentum to chill in social situation. The other part was thant being antisocial was a way for me to isolate myself so i could play more.

Considering banning i dont know how you could do that. But i would say this, banning is probably not enough, u work in recovery also, which u might already be doing. 

Keep coming back <3


Never alone, go to meetings <3 Mumble voice meetings on cgaa are great, see you there <3


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