Games are NEVER good for me

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Games are NEVER good for me

Yea, despite all those "studies" and articles out there telling us that gaming can help with your hand-eye coordination and this and that and blah blah blah, games are just NOT good for us—the videogame addicts. 

I see people play games every day at school. No matter how much I try to avoid them, I always accidentally come across gaming videos on YouTube. It's a culture now. And nobody out there is talking about how detrimental games can be for us, for SOOOO many millions of people in our world who don't yet have a voice strong enough to say that, no, games ruin the lives of many people who play them. They are NOT harmless fun. They are evil programs specifically designed to make people like us addicted to them and then make money off of the players. I no longer believe in people who say, as long as you control it to a certain time, and you have finished your work beforehand, it's fine. No. It's not fine. It has never been fine for me, for the many years that I've played them, I've only played games compulsively. I cannot live without games. I cannot live with games. 

I lose my social skills after playing games for just half an hour. I completely forget anything else in the world when I game, and it takes way too long to remember again that this boring life is my reality. I hate games. Games destroyed my life—not once, nor twice, but a hundred times. I cannot forgive games for making me want to play them. I cannot forgive the fact that people playing games are encouraging me to play them as well. 

The logical part of me tells me to not play games. But gaming is impulsive. Now, I'm adding hatred to my conflicted feelings toward games. Every time from now on that I think of games, I shall see them with hatred. I shall stay away from them forever.

I hate games. I shall take my life back.

"The trouble--it might drag you down
If you get lost, you can always be found." - Home

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I read that Steve Jobs did

I read that Steve Jobs did not allow his kids to have ipads etc

That says something.

I hope that one day soon the existance of gaming/internet addiction will be recognised by the public in the same way that alcohol addiction is.


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Games are built around principles of effort and reward, as many things in life are. The problems start when people start deliberately designing games to be addictive, as they do now. Anybody can become addicted if the conditioning is strong enough...

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