Getting through some old problems!

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Getting through some old problems!

Well howdy everyone! *Everything in this text is in no particular order, i jump from a subject to the other and im very sorry about it*

I am here because today I decided I had enough of wasting my life away, and some family problems are currently forcing me to change my current behavior. I don't know if I should write a whole life story or whatever here, but you know, the time I spend writing is time i spend practicing my english (im french) so it's actually productive in a way.

SO! At 5 years old my father gave me a snes for my birthday. I don't personnaly think that I developped an addiction that soon in my life, but that's where I began to play. At 8, my parents bought me a PS2 and I was playing probably a couple hours a day like 2-3 after school and occasionnaly on weekends, something I still qualify as ''respectable'' or ''not THAT much''.

Years go on and i get more consoles that I now buy by myself with my own money, and long story short, I play for pretty much 7 hours a day on school days, and pretty much from 8am to 3am on weekends. Now that's a problem if you ask me! I don't have much problems coming from it, I don't suffer headaches, my vision is still good (I might need some glasses tho but that's just genetics as my mom and dad both had glasses since their youngest days), I'm not fat (genetics again I presume, with my nutrition I really SHOULD be lol), and I read something about hygiene but you know, I take care of myself. 

As a person, I am lazy. Never have I done a single homework since my first year of high school, and for the ones that count and are graded (is that even a word? when they put a grade on it) I am the King of procrastination with a big K. 

I am far from socially awkward, I have loads of friends (some of them are gamers like me, but none of them as hardcore as I am), I go out when I have the opportunity to and all that stuff. 

Here comes the probs: My grades are getting more and more horrible. I have no motivation whatsoever to go school, do the homeworks, go to work, do chores, or whatever else that doesnt imply sitting on my bed playing video games or watching videos or surfing the web, and I whine like a kid when I have to go to work because I really don't want to. It seems as every single possible thing apart from playing video games is boring to me. I used to play baseball, but I was bad and I gave up because I was kind of getting bullied (that's a case for another day, I have been bullied tremendously when I was a kid because I was too kind. For exemple being the only kid fighting for people to stop picking on the handicapped and all, I wanted and still want to be friends with absolutely everyone.)

2 years ago, my father committed suicide. I had not been followed by any medical help except a couple weeks ago, when I finally admitted to myself that I really couldn't handle everything that was thrown at me, and that I probably needed to get help if I wanted to get out of there alive. Since then, I've realised that video games are my escape from this world, and that's a bad thing. The people I began seeing a couple weeks ago to get help prescribed me drugs for depression and anxiety, which I obviously suffered from for a long time without getting it treated. Anxiety, stress and depression have been present in my life for the past 6-7 years at least, and I realise that by playing games, I don't really cope with it, I just put it aside and it just comes back when I stop playing.

SO YEAH, this is getting long, I think everyone got the point if you've read 'til there. I'm like a super hardcore gamer, I own well over 10k $ of games, controllers, broken controllers because of rage and impulsivity, consoles, tv's, and everything. And in general if we make an average I probably play about 16h a day. Where and how do I start getting rid of all that?


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Welcome to Olga, Ampling and

Welcome to Olga, Ampling and thank you for sharing your story.

Many of the people who come here find that they can never moderate their gaming, so to get better they have to quit completely. You will find their stories on this website.

You know you have a problem, now you can start to do something about it.

The threads below are about how you can start to use this site to help you recover.

Also there are online fellowship meetings and an accountability thread where people check in regularly to encourage each other here


Parent's online meeting THURSDAY 9pmEST/EDT click here

Online meetings gaming addicts click here

Spouses/SO's of addicts click here

Parents of addicts click here for advice

Help for video game addicts click here

Please help! Donate here

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Welcome Guillaume, you're not

Welcome Guillaume, you're not alone.  Come to a few meetings and listen in.  You'll hear people who have been through much of what you've gone through talking about how they have been able to stop gaming one day at a time and turn their lives around for the better.  If we can do it, you can too.

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