This has gone way too far!

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This has gone way too far!

I've been a gaming addict for over 20 years, which is sad because I'm going to be 28 in June. I've never had any real friends. I spend every waking moment of my life playing games or thinking about games or spending money on games. My family deserves better: a husband and father who spends time with them and cares for their needs. I have ADHD is well, so I can't just play one game for a while and wait until my stamina recovers, I have to move through dozens of games to keep myself constantly occupied. The worst part is I feel more responsibility to the game community than I do to my own family. I've wasted so much time, effort, and money that could have been spent playing with my children and teaching them. I feel physically sick when I think about never gaming again, but I just can't control myself when I play. It has to stop. Someone, anyone, please help me!

The things I counted once for gain now I count for loss.

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Welcome Jordan

Welcome Jordan

Many people who have come here have been in a very similar situation to yourself, and have managed to quit to fully enjoy a real life

I would suggest that you keep coming  back to read the sticky posts at the top of this forum to show how this website may be able to help you and what you can do to prepare for coming off games. You will see links to online meetings where you can connect with other addicts that can support you.

You can become part of our accountability thread where recovering gamer share their experience while quitting and get support.

You are not alone. Keep coming back!


Parent's online meeting THURSDAY 9pmEST/EDT click here

Online meetings gaming addicts click here

Spouses/SO's of addicts click here

Parents of addicts click here for advice

Help for video game addicts click here

Please help! Donate here

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Welcome Jordan!  You are not

Welcome Jordan!  You are not unique, not alone.  Everything in your story I've heard in parts of other people's stories over and over again, and in parts of my story.  I had almost all the same problems and behaviors and thinking that you described.  I felt hopelessly stuck.  I still loved gaming but had grown to hate it at the same time.  I couldn't stay focused on anything else in my life.  All my relationships suffered, especially in my family.  After all my failed attempts at moderation and control, I thought I was hopeless.  Doomed to game my life into the ground, blotting out the painful awareness of all the loss I had suffered and caused.  But I was wrong.

Recovery is possible.  Come check out some meetings.

By coming to meetings, I was able to find the will to do whatever it takes to go 24 hours without starting that firsst game.  That's my top priority now, just to go these current 24 hours without starting the first game.  With the help of other people in recovery from video gaming addiction, I have done it month after month.  My life is better today than it has been in a very long time.  I'm present with my family and able to take care of my responsibilities.  I feel good and can laugh again.  I sleep better, eat better, exercise, take care of my hygiene, clean my home.  I can socialize and think straight and make good decisions today.

The first weeks were very very hard.  Withdrawal pains were brutual.  But they pass.  The urges to game come less frequently with time and are less strong.  I deal with them easily.

It is possible to escape the vicious cycle.  Hope to see you at a meeting soon.

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