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I'm new here. I'm not sure if I belong here though. I'm a member of AA and I have problems with Internet use and am looking for some kind of support group. The thing is, I haven't played any games in a while - however in the past I could easily spend days playing flash games, smartphone games, etc. These days I don't play any games any more, but I do check news websites and forums and the comment sections of news websites compulsively. If I start reading the news or looking random stuff up on the in Internet, I find myself sucked into a hole and I only come out on the other side hours later, feeling guilty and depressed. I try to regulate this and to apply spiritual principles to my daily life (like meditating, not isolating etc.) but I still struggle sometimes and this has a very negative impact on my life. So this forum is the closest thing I found (the website for Internet addicts anonymous seems out of use), if anyone can point me to other resources I would appreciate it. Hope to catch an online meeting in the near future. 



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Thanks for coming here and

Thanks for coming here and sharing. I can relate a lot to what your writing, especially when u wrote "I find myself sucked into a hole and I only come out on the other side hours later, feeling guilty and depressed". This is very similar to my experience of using games and sometimes other internet-related-stuff. I don't know any other resources for the somewhat broader phenomena of internet addiction, but i know you are welcome here, and i hope you will come back and share more :)

See u!

Never alone, go to meetings <3 Mumble voice meetings on cgaa are great, see you there <3


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Welcome maaike !

Welcome maaike !

I can relate that my son's computer use/reliance can be just as undermining to 'real life' as just the gaming part. I think much of the advice here is pretty relevant to it.


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