I don't know if I am addicted, but I take games to seriously

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I don't know if I am addicted, but I take games to seriously

I am not sure if I am addicted to gaming, or what the "definition" of it is. But I have been gaming for my whole life (I am 30+ so for about 25 years). I love gaming, but I know I sometimes play just because I don't have anything else to do. And I am anit-social. So all that point to an addiction I think. On the other hand I am self employed and I work from home, and I don't have a problem staying away from gaming until I have finished my work day. So that makes me feel I have some control.

My main problem with gaming though is that I overthing everything with gaming, and create stressed up and anxious feelings.

 I often feel like I take video games too “seriously” and that this is the cause of my problems (?). This can trigger from many things. For example if I stumble upon a spoiler for a game I am going to play that nags itself into my head and I can't stop thinking about it, and how I wish it had not happened and when I play the game it is constantly in my head. But it can also manifest in other ways, like if I am stuck on a puzzle in a game for hours or days and finally look up the solution, then I nag myself for days and week about it and can't really enjoy the game again in the same way. This nagging feeling is often not only when I play the game but can be throughout the whole day. Like a uneasy anxious feeling.

I feel like it has got worse also in some ways in that I can even get this feeling from even more travial things, like even looking up the mechnics of a game outside the game or having a friend that say he likes or dislikes a game before I have played it myself. Other examples are for example thinking I am playing the game the “wrong” way like when I discovered I was a “power player” in skyrim and that many player say you “should” play it like a real rpg where you create multiple characters and do everything "in character". Or that I would feel guilty if I played a game on less then the hard difficulty. All those things start to loop in my head if I am playing it "right" instead of just enjoying it and it create much stress.

I would even be afraid to play a game with a friend, since I could get the feeling I am “cheating” or something if my friend completed a passage or a puzzle. All in all I take this way to serious in a very strict anxious manner and I want to get rid of that feeling! But I don't know how. It does not matter how many times I tell myself that games are just entertainment and that being really upset or stressed out about any of these things is just silly. I still can't shake the feeling fully.

I wonder why I am this way, I am thinking if it can have something to do with me having a very focused personallity. I can often get interested in something and develop a laser focus on just that one thing. I think I can easely do this with a game and then it becomes so important to me that it creates stress. I would never really worry about watching a movie in low quality (when it would be best on cinema) or reading a book for example, or if I got the ending spoiled for example. I mean, it would suck a bit yes, but it is not the end of the world, it is not like it would be something that would haunt me for days on end. The only thing that seems to help a bit is actually to move on to another game, then the stressed out feeling about the last game (if it has triggered a stressed out feeling) usually fade a bit when I start to focus on the new game. I don't want it to control me and to have the power to cause me this much stress. 

Have anyone else had these experiences I am talking about, and what could help me?

Is it related to overthinking? Because that is what I think I am doing. I get in a negative overthinking loop that I can't escape from. I read another thread here that talked a little about that, and I feel like that is my problem? http://www.olganon.org/forum/readings-recovery/10-ways-over-thinking-destroys-your-happiness

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Hi ohojoka and welcome to

Hi ohojoka and welcome to Olga.  One easy way to find out if you are addicted to gaming is to check out this page and take the test:  http://www.olganon.org/self_tests_on_gaming_addiction    From what you say about the stresses that gaming seems to be causing, you may have a problem with it.  It also sounds like you may be a very competive person.  I know that I was when I was gaming.  I think many of us who are addicted are.  I would encourage you to read posts and learn more about gaming addiction.  Then you can figure out if you are truly addicted and decide if you want to quit gaming altogether.  I don't know what can be done about overthinking gaming.  Perhaps a chat with a psychologist could help.  Best of luck to you.


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Hi ohojoka, 

Hi ohojoka, 

As a pointer, I studied psychology in college, and I remember being taught that any behavior that causes stress or impairs functioning can be considered as a disorder. It sounds like gaming generates feelings of anxiousness and stress for you. I would consider whether continuing to play games is something you could benefit from. 

Personally, I connect with you on a lot of what you said about playing games "the right" way. I would also worry about decreasing difficulty, leaving some maps of a game unexplored, etc. Also it always bothered me how a lot of the games I played would make me do monotoneus, almost boring work, that isn't much different from work done in real life. 

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