I Need Help (addicted to gaming all my life)

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I Need Help (addicted to gaming all my life)

Ever since I can remember, I've always had some sort of handheld or console in my hand. Whether or not it was a DS or an Xbox, video games have always been a constant factor in my life, and I've never known life without. I think you can see where I'm going with this.

I'm fourteen, and have been told my numerous people that I have great potential in literature and music, but I cannot escape this loop of going to school and playing video games. I don't know how because to stop playing would be to ditch the lifestyle I've literally always been living. I need serious help. 

Please, if anybody still uses this site, set me on the right path. I want to live a real life and achieve something.

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Welcome Jude!

The best thing to do is make contact and get involved with other people who have escaped the vicious cycle of compulsive gaming and try out what worked for them.  With support, encouragement and regular reinforcement of our good intentions, we're able to stop and stay stopped.  Three great ways to make contact and get involved:

1. You're on the right track, keep posting here and asking for help.

2. Listen in at the online meetings: http://www.olganon.org/forum/line-meetings-message-board/all-online-meetings-computervideo-gaming-addicts

3. Check out the lively community at reddit's StopGaming

See you around!


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Facing this challenge successfully on your own may be quite hard. You may do better with support and help.

There are many avenues of help because you are a 'child' (sorry!)

How about getting help by discussing with your parents? If I was your mum I would want to help you. I know it's hard sometimes to be straight with your parents or maybe you think they are not cool, but they are your best support if you are in a good family situation. Show them this site. We have a parents forum.

If your parents are not supportive then move onto the next suggestion.

You could approach your school for help. You have a pastoral tutor and also you probably have a school nurse. Try and involve one or both of these people in a discussion. They will want to help and support you.

Alternatively, in the UK we have mental health services for young people such as yourself. This are accessible through your GP (doctor). Get an appointment (with or without your parents) and explain your problem. They will want to help you. They can get you assessed and then they may offer you treatment which may help. Some GP's are a bit clueless about gaming addiction. Ask to see another if the first one does not help you.

You are so worth helping. You are not alone with this. Most young people have problems and hang ups; most people are very good at hiding them. There is hope.  But you have to reach out and make the first move. People are not mind readers.

ALso please read the sticky posts on the forums about ideas on how to use this site and start your recovery.

Please let us know what you decided to do to help yourself. I am interested to see how people respond to your request for help.

Thanks and Hugs Polga xx


Parent's online meeting THURSDAY 9pmEST/EDT click here

Online meetings gaming addicts click here

Spouses/SO's of addicts click here

Parents of addicts click here for advice

Help for video game addicts click here

Please help! Donate here

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Welcome to olga, thanks for

Welcome to olga, thanks for sharing your story

Coming to this forum, reading & posting has helped me stay away from gaming and given me the opportunity to evolve in theatrical skills & many other areas. Keep coming back to this forum. 

Going to face-to-face meetings have also helped me.

See u around =)

Never alone, go to meetings <3 Mumble voice meetings on cgaa are great, see you there <3


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