I post this to admit to myself that I need help

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I post this to admit to myself that I need help

I've played video games since I was a kid. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Often, more than I wanted to.

I've been unemployed for 3 months now. In this time, my gaming time has dramatically increased. I have a job interview for my dream job tomorrow, and needed to prepare a presentation and understand a research paper. I did the presentation, I hardly read the paper. I had all day today to read and understand that paper, and I really wanted to do so.

I didn't. I played video games all day. 

And I'm likely not getting that job because of that. 

I clearly have a problem, and I clearly can't stop myself from playing, even if it is important. 

I posted here, and I uninstalled Steam. Now I'm going to have dinner, and use the rest of the evening preparing as good as I can for tomorrow. 

I'm going to read more about this programm on the weekend, and I will write in more detail about me.

I just needed to write this post, to prove to tomorrow me that I do in fact have a gaming problem. I do not have it under control.

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Welcome Sehiro

Welcome Sehiro

Thank you for sharing about your troubles with gaming. I think it helps others as well as ourselves when we share what is going on.

I hear that your preparations did not go to plan and that you are doubtful that you will get your dream job. Now you are doing your best in the time you have left. I am sending you my best wishes and hope that the interview goes well for you

I hope that you later find the inspiration you need to make changes to stay off games and find the right support to help you do this.

All the best



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hi Sehiro, you're not alone.  I gamed like you and neglected many important parts of my life and made many poor self-defeating decisions in the last few years of my gaming.  Fortunately I found out that I was not alone, that many other people like us have stopped gaming and turned their lives around for the better.  Most of them attend the daily voice meetings on Mumble at 19:30 Central Europe Time.  There are also a few meetings at 21:30, including today.


I hope you're able to take advantage of the support available.  It made a huge difference for me.

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