I want to quit but how can I?

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I want to quit but how can I?

Hi. I'm 17 years old and a game addict.
I've been played video games since I was 2 years old and I've been playing them ever since.
From GameCube to Wii - DS - PSP - Xbox 360 - Xbox One, and now I'm starting to head to the direction of computer gaming.
I love to play video games. I don't want to stop but at the same time I do.
This is the first time that I have actually asked for help.
I know it's an addiction because of the factors that go along with it.
Video games are my life. I had planned to make a youtube channel on gaming. And I even wanted to become a video game artist. I still do.
But how can I become a video game artist and not play games? Gaming is one of the reasons why I want to be a video game artist. Not that you have to play games to be a video game artist..I feel like I would always have a constant urge to play, while in the field of my dreams.
The longest I've gone without playing on my Xbox, which is the main source of my gaming, was one or two days at the most.
I want to quit but I don't know how I can when video games have had an impact on my life for so long.


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Welcome LJH

Welcome LJH

My heart goes out to you. i am so sorry that you had to grow up in a world where video games are thought to be some kind of norm.

You have been cheated out of the kind of upbringing i had where children could explore the real world and not become prisoners of their minds through a screen.

You are now sensing that this is not a good place for you to be in. Hold onto that.

There is a link below in my signature, for addicts, that can help you to learn how to use this site.

To help you quit, you will probably need support ... from other recovering gamers, from your parents, from teachers, possibly from  therapists .....

You will also need alternative things to do.

There is wilderness therapy if you think you would benefit from a total reset before you go on.  It costs money but can make a big difference. There are also programs like Teen Challenge, that may not cost so much.

Keeping coming back here to read for inspiration rather than game, and start to make a new life for yourself with small steps.


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Spouses/SO's of addicts click here

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Welcome L.  I can relate to what you wrote.  When I first sought help, I too wanted to stop and did not want to give up gaming at the same. time.  Really, what I wanted was get my gaming under control with reasonable limits, so that I could live a good life and still game sometimes.

I tried for a few years to get it under control.  I tried limiting it to certain times, certain days, certain lengths of time, avoided some genres and games, swore it off completely for a month and tried to ease back into it.  Over and over again I tried to stick to limits and resolved to play less.  But still my gaming was compulsive and spiraled out of control.

So I ended up in a place where I realized that moderation is not an option.  The two choices left are out of control gaming with all its problems, losses, and pain, or abstinence.  I choose abstinence today, taking just one day at a time, and my life is now better than it has ever been.  If you decide to choose abstinence, we're here for you.  People like me and you, who loved gaming and dreamed of becoming professional gamers or game developers, have stopped gaming completely and turned their lives around for the better.  It ain't easy but it is possible and it is invaluably helpful to living a good life of contentment, fulfillment, and usefulness.

Come listen in on a voice meeting some time.  You might make some new friends who will support you in what you really want for yourself.

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Hi L

Thanks for sharing L.  Fight it.  Win.  Please follow the advice that has been provided by Olga and Ritchy.  I am the father of a 20 year old addict, and I hate to see people throw their lives away.  You haven't done that yet - don't let that happen.  Follow the advice with determination.  


Ray A

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