I'm literally forcing myself to finish a game

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I'm literally forcing myself to finish a game


I've been fighting my gaming addiction for 3-4 months or so and I have to say I've been fairly successful. However, I'm still far from the point I want to be in.

I've gone cold turkey a few times, it worked for days, sometimes weeks.. the problem was always the same - weekends or some kind of holiday, surplus of freetime and "eh, I've been productive the whole day, little reward is fine" way of thinking. Now I've decided to finish all games I'm currently playing so that there would be no such temptation the next time. And here's the problem. I've been playing XCOM for nearly 6 hours the other day, I was literally tired, turned it off, and after 10 minutes my awesome mind told me "hey, dude, but the faster you finish this game, the faster you will stop gaming and have a bunch of free time!" <-- as a result I spent the rest of the day playing XCOM just to finish it as fast as possible and quit gaming with "nothing to return to". I'm trying to force myself to delete all my saves, but it's tough. You know, if I finish it, there would be no game left, I don't like finishing the same game more than once. If I delete saves, I'm afraid I'll start it again, with a way longer way to go through.

I have no clue how to finish this post, so I'll simply ask... help.


(if reading this was tiresome, forgive me, I'm a non-native speaker and I still make lots of mistakes!)