IMVU addict of 7yrs. Trying to quit/leave it behind.

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IMVU addict of 7yrs. Trying to quit/leave it behind.

Will make this kind of short because I want to start journaling/blogging my story here also. Will just give everyone a general run down of my time on IMVU.

In short I have played the game for 7 yrs. I am addicted. I have been played, been a "player" atleast that's I've been labled in the past, tricked, manipulated, and lied to. Seven years of bad luck so to speak. I've started to hate the game almost from the beginning after my first betrayal but continued to play it anyway as a past time. Wow, just so much to get into, I just know that I am not me and my avatar doesn't portray the real me. I don't like me when I do certain things. I snap out of my so called world I'm in and come back to reality thinking I can't be doing what I'm doing anymore. In short I stumbled across this site by googling the words..."my life is better with out IMVU" and so here I am to hopefully help me break my addiction.

I will start a blog and have my complete to near as descriptive a story as I can remember of my time on this deceiving and very life damaging RP game.

Thanks for reading.


IMVU; my vice, my addiction.

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your story with us !


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Second life addict 7+ years

Sorry you got hooked xxBIBxx.  Did the same here on Second Life. with repetitive relapses. It's such a weird brain thing. Good for some people, but bad for me. I could echo you "my life is better without Second Life." Thanks for the inspiration. 

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Leave it behind!

Hi xxBIBxx,

Leave it behind.  I can admit it is not easy at all, but you can do it!  As a former Second Life addict I totally agree that SL, IMVU and any other virtual life platforms are very decieving and emotionally damaging.  You can search my posts here for my story.

I left SL over a year ago.  I was in serious emotional pain.  I could not eat, sleep, and was in physical pain over a heartbreaking breakup.  I could not even use my computer because each time I was even just walk by it my body would shake and I would go into a panic attack - Yes, that is how real it was to me.  Anyways, fast forward to today.  I am still SL free and am doing so much better.  I do not miss it at all. I learned that the beautiful avatar I worked so hard in building was a waste of time.  I'd rather work on my Real Life body instead.  Instead of clicking the mouse for my AV to do things, I now do them in RL! I am much more active now, 30 pounds lighter, am training for fitness competitions and learned a new language.  The secret is to establish goals and work on accomplishing them : ) 

I occasionally think of SL and my former partner but when those intrusive thoughts come to mind I remind myself that was my painful past and my present is so much brighter.

Take care.

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