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Hi. I’ve been off games since Thursday evening. I’m not going to name them because I don’t want this to become about the games. They were empire-building games, so there’s a flow to them and always some action you can take. Always research to do and buildings to upgrade and other empires to burn so you can get more resources to do research and upgrade buildings. See the cycle?

Well, I didn’t. It took my husband thinking I’m cheating on him to bring me out of my stupor. We’ve had lots of arguments in the past few days since I deleted all the games. This morning, even though I knew the most recent game wasn’t on my phone anymore, I scrolled to where it used to be anyway. My body slumped when I saw it wasn’t there. And my husband believes now that even if I didn’t have an affair, I was emotionally cheating on him. I thought I just had a few OL friends. I didn’t think that was bad. I didn’t see my family suffering from it. And now I need to make it up to them. I’m going to need help. 

Step 1: acknowledging there's a problem

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Welcome fixing me !

Welcome fixing me !

Check my link for gaming addicts to see how  this site can help you.

Thanks for sharing. i'm glad you found us !


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Welcome, glad you found us.

Reading your intro, I can relate to thinking that my gaming wasn't all bad, that it had its benefits, that I met some good people there, and that it wasn't affecting my family badly.

Maybe those things are really true for you.  I just wanted to share that I went and listened in on some of the daily meetings and hearing the stories of other compulsive gamers in recovery opened my mind.  As I stayed off games for several weeks, a fog began to lift from my mind.  I woke up to the negative impacts that my compulsive gaming had on my family, friends, social life, work, career, finances, physical health, hobbies, self esteem, mood, sleep, diet... in other words, I was seeing negative effects, some big, some small, on everything important to me.

I recommend listening in on some meetings.  You might gain greater clarity too, maybe similar to mine, or maybe something very different.

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I had online friends, one in

I had online friends, one in England; this kept going since then like "transplanted" out of the games. 

I think possibly not needing continuous meds for the replanting; perceivable as a plant dug up and placed a different place. 

I hope not a reason for my suffering. 

I hunger for meetings, I am beginning to give up on the "not skype" thing; strangely and magically in timing.... 

I did not have a problem gaming, I could stop quite by myself. I did not play "the game" IRL. I did not spend ½ a year or more gaming. 

I hope this is not a ball rolling "deeper" in the direction of the center of gravity having been lost someplace along the path up the hill; even if the ball is getting smaller and less heavy to push its like still there.

... the 2 online relations, connecting to England, having been no games involved; spirituality in focus. 

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