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I'm Dylan.  I browsed this site on and off for a bit, as I found reading the posts and shares to be helpful.  I was hesitant to join b/c I thought I'd grown out of the more addictive aspects of gaming.  For example, I seldomly buy any new games anymore, I no longer own a console, I don't stay up until late hours of the night playing games anymore.  In many ways, I don't have much of a desire to game anymore.  I'm 32 now and I've held down a stable, consistent job for 6 years.

But...the gaming has lingered in other ways.  I've continued to game with games I've already played hundreds of hours.  I also spend much of my time watching other gamers.  I find myself trying to fill a hole, and I've learned that I will need to work recovery if I'm going to make progress.  It won't just come with time or age.  Within the last few months I started attending SA to deal with another addiction, and within that process I've come to realize how I've underestimated the power of video games in my life.  For me to heal, I need to make clear boundaries with video games. 

The hours and hours I've spent gaming and watching gamers has not brought me what I've looked for.  In the end, it's stunted my growth.  I've missed out on connections with family and friends due to it.  I've missed work.  My health has suffered.  I've gained weight, my brain has been dumbed down by the unatural amounts of dopamine released. These are just some of the consequences.

Thanks for letting me share.  I plan to make a Step 1 post here in the forums as well. 

Bless you all in your recovery


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Welcome Dylan.  I too realized that I need to work a recovery program on an ongoing basis if I want to be free of the destructive pull of addiction and prevent backsliding.  Nothing keeps me on track better than the regular encouragement and reminders I get in the daily meetings.  Hope to see you there.

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Welcome Dylan

Welcome Dylan

Glad you are here and that is helping you. All the best to you.


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