Introduction -- I'm new here -- is this site currently active?

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Introduction -- I'm new here -- is this site currently active?

I need help quitting Game of War.  I've been playing just over two years, and it has taken over my life.  i have no friends outside of the game (I also had no friends before I started playing because of uncontrollable life circumstance).  But I do have a husband and 2 children who would like a present wife/mother, and I would like to build a real life, which I haven't had in about 14 years.  

At this point I've reduced my time in game and significantly decreased game purchases.  Now it's time to quit entirely and build a real life!  

I know it won't be easy.  It really is an addiction, so I'm seeking out help from others who have been there and may be able to help.   


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Welcome.  Yeah dealing with

Welcome.  Yeah dealing with addiction ain't easy.  I tried for so long to get it under control on my own.  So many times, I thought I had found the trick, turned the corner, and it seemed I was going to be okay.  Then I'd give in and binge and soon it was worse than ever.

You got the right idea seeking help, learning from others.  Don't hesitate to ask questions here or in the meetings.  Try out some of things on this list: and I highly recommend the voice meetings.

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Thanks for sharing Morans.

Thanks for sharing Morans. Keep coming back!

Never alone, go to meetings <3 Mumble voice meetings on cgaa are great, see you there <3


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Hi Morans

Hi Morans

Welcome! To see the current threads click on the Recent Olga Posts tab under "my links". In the right hand side

All the best with your journey.


Parent's online meeting THURSDAY 9pmEST/EDT click here

Online meetings gaming addicts click here

Spouses/SO's of addicts click here

Parents of addicts click here for advice

Help for video game addicts click here

Please help! Donate here

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Welcome Morans, It is

Welcome Morans, It is important to not try to quit gaming yourself, it’s so difficult and way easier if you do it with us. The special thing about olganon is the community where we interact and help each other. start by reading the post mentioned above first for more valuable info. We will be happy to answer any question and communicate with you. 


"Recovery is not about dealing with gaming. Recovery is about dealing with Life"

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