My 15 year bottom that led me to God.

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My 15 year bottom that led me to God.

My name is Alex and I'm addicted to gaming.

My story started in 2002 when I was 14. I got hooked on Asheron's call with a friend. I don't want to get too much into the game-a-log. My social skills immediately stopped improving and I became ineffective at personal relationships. My gaming career went from Asheron's call > WoW > Eve Online > other online games. I continued to form ineffective personal relationships. The social ineptitude continued, substances became a part of my story.  In 2009, I hurt myself pretty bad and the state almost put me away indefinitely. My grandmother has been begging me to stop playing video games my whole life. I could never admit to myself that playing video games was my main problem because I took ADD medication that kept me up all night playing them. I was a total zombie. I completely neglected my partner of 6 years and wife of two. I don't know what to do with myself or my personal relationships.. Insanity is to want to fire up a video game while typing this knowing that I could spend 5+ hours a day on a work day playing. This year, March, I joined Alcoholics Anonymous as a remedy for my substance abuse problem. I have had good success at that fellowship and I need help quitting games. 


:I think game addiction has led to my doing my best to ruin my entire life. It wants me dead. But I know today that it's a only a symptom of a spiritual malady that wants me dead. I'm here to stop gaming and help others to recover from game addiction.


Alex, Game Addict

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Welcome Alex and thanks for

Welcome Alex and thanks for sharing your story !


Parent's online meeting THURSDAY 9pmEST/EDT click here

Online meetings gaming addicts click here

Spouses/SO's of addicts click here

Parents of addicts click here for advice

Help for video game addicts click here

Please help! Donate here

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Welcome Alex, glad you found us here.  I could relate to much of your story.  My compulsive gaming trashed every area of my life.  The fact that I have woken up to the reality of the damage and yet still have urges to game and ways to rationalize it is nuts.  I would still be gaming if it were not for the other people who were here when I got here.  I found that together we can do what I cannot do alone.

I highly recommend listening in on some meetings.  Lots of friendly people.

Message me if you want to talk sometime.

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Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing!


I second Ritchy, meetings are great, i like the cgaa mumble voice meetings

Never alone, go to meetings <3 Mumble voice meetings on cgaa are great, see you there <3


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