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Hello Everyone,

My name is Chuck, and I feel like I am just stepping through the threshhold of gaming addiction.  I am a music composition major, and gaming is becoming a hinderance in my studies, with my family, in my social life, and in my finances.  

I have recently started gaining weight and developing back problems, and I need to make a change fast. I do not want to be stuck in the same place forever just because I can't put down the controller/turn off computer.  

I really appreciate the fact that there is a website that could provide the foundation for me to break this before it takes root. 




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Welcome to OLGA Chuck!

Welcome to OLGA Chuck!

I'm glad you found us!


Parent's online meeting THURSDAY 9pmEST/EDT click here

Online meetings gaming addicts click here

Spouses/SO's of addicts click here

Parents of addicts click here for advice

Help for video game addicts click here

Please help! Donate here

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