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Hello!  I am taking the first step to get help for playing and paying for an online bingo game. 

A few years or so ago I began playing a particular bingo game/app that was free at first. I did not pay for anything at all, at first....  I even laughed and said to my hubby, “oh my gosh, I can’t believe people pay for chips to play this game!” or something close to it. 

Well, he who thinks he stands, take heed, lest ye fall...  Once I started paying for chips, I was hooked :-(

I recently read that apparently this type of game is geared towards women, along with some articles on how game developers hire psychologists, neuroscientists and marketing people to get people hooked on games.

There was a noticeable change in my problem after losing my father-in-law last year, which I believe, was a trigger for a ton of store up grief in my past.  Especially because he was literally starved to death as his cancer was no longer treatable.  Cancer is no stranger to me as I am a 5 year survivor of stage 3 melanoma.  I also suffer from chronic pain as my treatment included a surgery that damaged nerves.  

Since I attend another 12 step program, I am familiar with tools of recovery and the success gained from working the program. 

Thank you to whoever reads this and I welcome your experience, strength and hope to aid in my recovery:-)



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You are not alone Phil. Glad

You are not alone Phil. Glad you are here ! These games are so addictive. It sounds like you know how they are harming you and you want to break free. All the best with your recovery.


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Welcome Phil, glad you found us.


I welcome your experience, strength and hope to aid in my recovery

My experience was that it took a lot of relapses to be thoroughly convinced how serious my situation was.  I had to nearly lose my job, mess up my relationship, wreck my finances, and drive my mental and physical health into the ground.  Only then did I accept that I could not control my gaming, had to completely stop, and needed help.  By listening to the stories of others in recovery, my eyes opened and I learned about a program of suggestions to try out.  I hope to see you in the voice meetings on Mumble.  Lots of good folks there every day at 10:30am and 7pm PDT.

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