Prayer Chain for People Still Stuck in the Main Game I Got Addicted to

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Prayer Chain for People Still Stuck in the Main Game I Got Addicted to

Hello everyone, I come to all of you on this whole forum. This is not just a post for those still struggling with fighting game addiction and obsession but rather an appeal towards the addictive nature of this one personal computer game called Dungeon Defenders on the PC. Now they have Dungeon Defenders II as free-to-play on Steam where there community has quadroupled.
 The developer's main reason in creating this video game series is the incentitive of loot-based items. If the loot was taken away, the game would no longer be a role playing game but would simply just be tower defense. The game itself is a strategy, 4-player co-op tower-defense game with fps elements, stats, loot and everything that is included in the most addictive elements of the three major genres of video games that hook people more readily: MMO's , Role playing and FPS genres.


     I know nothing I say or can do will help elitist in the game that have their mind still set. They are not ready to hear these truths yet. I ask that we pray for these people that claim they are not obsessed or even addicted for that matter to farming. Usually the ones that donate a couple to several thousand hours over their lifetime in the game and cannot escape it. I have seen those that are ready to hear the truths in the community and even some that have admitted to me they are addicted because of the grind. I have seen others that say that they are not addicted nor obsessed but enjoy the grind; despite me knowing the reverse is true.

     Currently, the community development team, a team that volunteers to make vast improvements on this older game have been at work and are implementing the community's suggestions. Here is my appeal I have written to help others see what the main problem is and why there are indeed intricite tendencies of addiction that is implemented by the developer.


The positives I see for the community if the developers are to go in to DDI and rebalance it. My appeal for why others are hooked and the problems they suffer:

1. First and most importantly, people that are obsessed , addicted to farming and then stat junkies will more than likely spend less time farming items if they just made drop rates slightly better by even a 5-7 percentile margin at least and a 7-9 margin at most. It makes sense to keep the margin under the 10 percentile threshold because that might be too much of an increase when it comes to the balancing of Ultimate , Ult + and ++ armor that was originally designed to be harder to obtain by the developer.

2. People that are obsessed and end-game farmers would no longer need a reason to constantly play the game and be so called " Hooked up" once they can obliterate everything as it is.

3. The casual players in the community would have more reason to play the game when they have breaks from their real-life without the need of having to be very heavily involved in the dreaded grinding of armors, pets among other items. Also not to mention the leveling aspect of the game's core. That would be assuming that everything is ceteris paribus except a substantial increase in xp received on the top leveling maps already played by the community and the 5-7 percentile increase I have mentioned per each level in armor drop rate or even a 7-9 % increase.

4. It would remove the end-game players that are obsessed to long-staking hours of farming again and again and again. At least in theory this would work though many end-game farmers I knew of would not come to accept their own convictions and have a good reason to farm less.


1. End-game farmers would not have to spend as much time which would mean they would have to replace and find things to do in their real-life or move on to other video , personal computer games if a new RNG and releveling balance is included in DD1 or DD2 or even both games.

2. Foster an environment that is even more competitive where people trying to outdo each other in stats would still continue most prominantly

3. There still would be elitist that would brag on how many quality upper-tier items they have as opposed to other players

4. It would ruin the company's main goals which intend to hook people on the game by requiring long grindy hours in Nightmare. The community would dissolve more then at its current state because people wouldn't have to grind too much which means either one of two extremes: Inflation or deflation

5. Next and most importantly, it is not the stats of towers that I believe truly needs to be fixed within the whole Dungeon Defenders series of games they create, but rather its the addictive tendencies of the grind and the pursuit to never be satisfied and always want more and more items where many end-game players never get there fix.

6. Due to the unrest of inflation and deflation currency values on the forum, many people will be able to afford more only if they increase the RNG percentage drops by a five to seven percentile increase. Meaning per each armor type ; the percentage to obtain it goes up 5%-7% per tier increase or rather a 7-9% increase if they are extra generous..

7. If the sixth option is rejected in DD & DDII , then the same cycle will repeat over and over again. You'll still have an elitist population where 5% of the whole community at large own mostly all the resources and income, stat junkies will still remain stat junkies without ever being content or satisfied in this virtual world, in real-life and inflation will increase due to less percentage of higher tier item drops occuring. If you want better prices for higher-tier items on the forum, which most of the community for both games would have to agree on that; then the solution becomes to simply increase the RNG percentage, not by a huge substantial amount but just enough to keep people more motivated, where its less repetitive and hopefully more people will become less " Hooked up" towards both games.


     I am not for the game continuing by any means since I see a huge population of end-game gamers that cannot leave the grind. In order to leave the grind, they have to hate the grind. If they love the grind, they love the loot; they love the items, they love the stats and the competition which most do. This leads to inefficiancy, leads to depression due to repetitive actions that get old and lack of motivation to obtain items since the armor perecentage rates and rollover are implemented so badly. Maybe it was a mistake by the developer from the beginning, but what if in-fact they purposely put the grind of armor and leveling in such a way to keep people playing their game. Thus, you have a population where a large majority of players are hooked which consist of those that love the grind, so they love farming. Until they hate farming, the cycle will continue and continue again.


Their lives will rollover and they will never find nothing more substantial out of this virtual world to contribute to intellectual, spiritual growth and find newer and more healthy activities to replace this repetitive process. Keep my people in your prayers is what I ask and Let's start a prayer chain for these people. I did a test by posting this on the steam discussion forum for the game when other's were arguing against this other guy's post. I got one elitist post from a guy that hasn't ever played co-op. He got everything solo on his own and still claimed his arguements stood the test of times even due to his lack of experience.


Thankfully a friend I accidently got addicted more than a year ago backed me up, because him and me have had talks where indeed it is the grind in this game that hooks people. If the grind was not there so many less people would be addicted, many others would quit and the community of end-game players would dissolve while more casuals would stay. This makes sense and is a post of mine about addictive tendencies just from one example of a game.

Nathan Sylvester