Ruining my life

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Ruining my life

I'm sorry I'm keeping this short and sorry for bad grammar
At this point in my life I have everything going for me good GPA good looks and a mindset on medical school in a med program in highschool and I've become so addicted to playing dota 2 it's taking my entire life over I really am losing it
I don't eat dinner with my family anymore don't go out to spend time with them don't even speak to them at all I literally play 6 hours a day and it's all I think about I don't wanna quit playing but I don't want it suck up my entire life
I want to be a casual gamer rather than a no life
I've lost countless girls to games also and I'm lonely I really don't know what to do and I can't even do the things that are mandatory in my life anymore

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Welcome Angsty


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Welcome Alex.  I can relate

Welcome Alex.  I can relate to most of what you wrote.  I had everything going for me too but was gaming 25-45 hours per week and lost so many opportunities, relationships, so much time that I could have spent pursuing my dreams, reading, staying in shape, connecting with friends, dating.  I was out of control and felt like trash, was lonely and embarassed at my lack of control, and lied about and hid my gaming.

Also, I did not want to stop completely.  I desperately wanted control, to be a casual gamer.  I tried everything I could think of, moderation, limits, swearing off, taking a long break, keeping it to certain days, certain times, certain games, or only when certain things were accomplished.  I couldn't stick with any of it and came to see that it was all or nothing.  My choice was out of control gaming or abstinence.  What a nightmare it seemed.

Turns out, not gaming is not a nightmare... quite the opposite, the nightmare has ended.  I have control, I sleep well, eat well, exercise, hang with friends, pursue my goals and interests.  No more hiding, lying, shame and guilt.  No more sleep deprivation, quick irritability, constant antsiness, and desperate loneliness.  Life has never been better.

If you want to find out how people accomplish these changes, come to some meetings.

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