Skyrim is affecting my life, work, everything!

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Skyrim is affecting my life, work, everything!

I don't play online multiplayer games or phone games. I'm not a social gamer, I'm a secretive gamer. The game of my addiction is Skyrim.  3,273 hours I'll never get back. Another 680 hours in Skyrim Special Edition. That's nearly 4,000 hours of Skyrim that I have played when I'm supposed to be working,  played when I'm supposed to be sleeping, played when I'm supposed to be meditating, it's completely out of control. RPGs, using mods to create complex characters and worlds with a focus on immersion has left me immersed in Skyrim. I hear the songs from the game at night as I drift off to sleep. I have dreams in the Skyrim world. I'm falling behind on a lot of important things in my life, and I feel disgusted with myself about the loss of valuable time. Life is too short to spend any significant part of it gaming. That's 164 days playing Skyrim in my case. And the worst part is....I can't stop playing, modding, creating characters.

I need to stop; I need help to do it. So I'm here.


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Welcome seekingpeace. I'm

Welcome seekingpeace. I'm glad you found us. it sounds like you have had enough of this game and the way it has taken over your whole life. but you are finding it hard to stop. you are not alone to feel like that. But people in your position have been able to get off games and stay quit.

I recommend you check out a meeting; see meeting link below in my signature.

You have taken the first step. Now keep trying; one day at a time.


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