Slither addict spending ridiculous amounts of money

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Slither addict spending ridiculous amounts of money

I play when I have nothing else to do. I have spent literally thousands of dollars on the game. How, you ask? It's a FREE game! How can you spend money on a free game??? If I die in what I consider to be a cheap death, I get so angry that I throw the mouse against the wall. I currently have a trashcan literally full to the top of mice that need to be taken to the dumpster. This isn't the first time it's been full by the way. As I look across my room right now I can see piece of mice everywhere. It's ridiculous. I can't stand this game. i wish a horrible, painful death on whoever created it. And the worst part is, I'm GOOD at it. I think it would be more managable if I was terrible at the game, but being good at it adds another layer of frustration because I take pride in being good at something finally. But it sucks that the thing I'm good at makes me so ****ing miserable. **** life. **** slither.

I hope whoever invented Slither dies a painful prolonged death.

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Games are designed to be

Games are designed to be addictive. They are very clever. I hope you can find a way to break free from these games that don't seem to be doing you any good. going to online meetings may help you



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Spouses/SO's of addicts click here

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I can relate to the broken mice.  I used to pound on my keyboard and monitor.  Smashed keyboards and mice, but thankfully never put my fist through the monitor screen.

I used to think that my problem was one particular game.  It was the only one that took up so many hours each week, the only one I lost money to, the only one that I would play while blowing off work, relationships, sleep, hobbies, and my social life.  Eventually I quit that game.  Things were much better for a few months.  But I was playing other games more and more.  Soon enough I was spending money and staying up all night and ruining my career again.

I don't know you at all, but I'm guessing that if Slither didn't exist, you might be in the same boat with another game.  If you decide you want to escape the vicious cycle, you can.  I know it.  I've met so many people like us who have stopped and stayed stopped.  We're here if you decide to accept the help.  Just show up to a meeting and listen.  Nothing is expected of you.

Write me any time if you want to talk.

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