Tempted to ask my friend to bring a game round tonight.

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Tempted to ask my friend to bring a game round tonight.

I uninstalled all my games on Monday night and appeared offline on all my consoles ready to just use them for netflix and movies and music.


My friends taken all the discs so I can't play them.


Been off work today and very bored at the moment.


Seen both a counsellor face to face and a counsellor online.


Also have an outpatient mental health appointment tomorrow.


Already been to gym and watched a film.


My friends coming round in a few hours tempted to ask him to bring one of the games round so we can play tonight then take the disc back with him?

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My guess is better not

Hi M,

Just a hunch, I'd say that you will be better off not playing a game tonight.  From what I hear, it's hard to just play once and be good with that.  Typically it will just make you want more.

The first days / weeks are the most difficult for quitting.  There are physiological changes that your body goes through.  I still find this amazing.

I recommend distracting your self, if that's possible, by getting out of your place for a while.  A movie, or bring a book to a coffee place, or get out someplace away from electronics.

I'm interested in how it goes for you.  

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Uninstalling games, seeing a

Uninstalling games, seeing a counselor, going the the gym, watching a movie... while these things are helpful to me now that I am off games and working a recovery program, they did not by themselves help me stop gaming or stay stopped.  It was not until I made connections with other people in recovery and tried their suggestions that I was able to stop and stay stopped.  You can listen in on a meeting and get to know some of them.


Out of the 101 things to do, #1 with a bullet is attend meetings.

As for gaming in moderation by only allowing yourself to game when a friend brings a disc over, maybe it will work for you, maybe not.  If you're anything like me, any amount of gaming causes my obsession and compulsion to game to flare up stronger.  The worst thing I can do is feed lots of energy to my gaming addiction by feeding it some game time.  I used to fool myself into believing that a little game time would scratch the itch, allowing me a little relief as I mostly abstain from games.  But that was never my experience.  It did not provide relief.  It woke the dragon, which started screaming and thrashing around, demanding more, more, more.

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