There is no Second Life, we are only given one.

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There is no Second Life, we are only given one.

Hello. I have been addicted to Second Life for over 10 years. Its frightening to think about that, but it is a fact. I cannot stay away. It has affected so much of my life in wasted hours, sexuality, and by innability to be serious about real life matters and relationships. I am a single male, 31 and 'SL' has been an 'outlet', but in all the wrong ways. I spend hours on their trolling and scouting "b****es" as I call them, which are basically lost, screwed-up female addicts such as myself who are using sex to get attention and/or money in the form of 'Lindens', the online virtual currency.

If this stuff sounds rediculous to you so far, then you are normal, because it is. Second Life is a virtual grid, not a game, that has been online since around 2003 when I first discovered it as a pot-smoking teen.

Today I quit. What seems impossible is not re-downloading the viewer and logging in again tomorrow. This must stop, for whatever sanity I have left and my health. I cannot afford to waste any more time on there.

I appreciate support by similar SL Survivors. One of the main reasons I am reaching out is because I need to find a way to permanently, and I mean permanently BLOCK the SL servers from my access. I have yet to find a failsafe method in never allowing myself to log on again, and I am like a serious alcholic- I cannot do it on my own.

Please help. Thanks guys.


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Welcome Josh !

Welcome Josh !

We have many ex-second lifers who are members

Here is one way somebody stopped themselves from logging in again. Maybe you need to do more than this though.

You may also be interested to connect with others through the online meetings.


Parent's online meeting THURSDAY 9pmEST/EDT click here

Online meetings gaming addicts click here

Spouses/SO's of addicts click here

Parents of addicts click here for advice

Help for video game addicts click here

Please help! Donate here

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Hi Josh and welcome to Olga.

Hi Josh and welcome to Olga.  No matter what game we played, gaming addiction is all the same.   It takes hold of our life and won't let us go.  When we finally do escape it's clutches, there is a battle for our very lives to stay game free.  What helps many of us is connecting with others in recovery from gaming addiction and the best way to do that is through attending meetings.  You can find the meeting schedule here.   I hope to see you at some meetings.


Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. ~Maria Robinson

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Welcome to the forums! I know

Welcome to the forums! I know too well the feeling of not being in control, and behing completely helpless--it is truly scary and uncomfortable. 

You trying to block the servers reminds me of how I used to sell my video card...

How have you been doing so far? 

If I may suggest, here are few things that have been helping me gain more altitude over my gaming addiciton: 

(X) Like silvertabby mentioned, the online meetings are great. There is something amazing about getting connected with people and just being present with them. The power of the addiction diminishes, and you feel great. 

(X) I have been doing the 12 step recovery process (1 step per week) and it has been making a difference on my daily life. It is like a spiritual guide to help you on your journey of recovery. Here is a link to all the steps:

Let us know how you're doing! 

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