UK? Midlands? North-West? Yorkshire?

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UK? Midlands? North-West? Yorkshire?

Anybody on here from the UK? Preferably the Midlands. Or the North-West or Yorkshire?

It'd be good to chat. I've been on the forum for many years now.  I do have a bad gaming habit that once again I am trying to kick and I think speaking to like-minded people as much I can, even just by email, would be a helpful thing.  

Feel free to send me a message on here.  

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Welcome back soreeyes !

Welcome back soreeyes !

There is an accountabilty thread if that helps you also


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I've noticed that finding

I've noticed that finding people in the area is rather difficult, but fortunately, with technology I find it easy to find like minded people. People I met here on forums as well voice chat meetings have all been a great network and help. 

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