Protecting Children from Game Addiction

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Protecting Children from Game Addiction
Update: see this thread for further information




1. No computers or games until 7 years old
2. Keep games/computers in family room. NOT in child's bedroom.
3. Know what games your child is playing.
4. Rent or try a game together before buying it.
5. Set limits for child's screen time
(Maximum 2-3 hours a day)
6. Pull the plug to enforce game time limits.
7. Know and watch for the warning signs of game addiction.
8. Get professional help if needed.

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Re: Protecting Children from Game Addiction

9. Don't assume that just because your kid is home playing computer games that he or she is better off than if he or she was out in the street.Quote:2. Keep games/computers in family room. NOT in child's bedroom.I wanted to set out this point - As a computer consultant who visits many homes to fix computer issues, I have to say that in the homes where the kid's computer is in an open, shared area, the kids tend to act more social and outgoing - Homes where the kids lock themselves in their rooms and game for hours with the parents not knowing what they are doing tend to have kids that are less social and outgoing.
This is from personal experience, mind you and not meant to imply that kid's bedrooms with locked doors and computers produce social deviants.

Interesting point I agree with.


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