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how can i get my other half to see sence that he should put is foot down well be in control of his 17 year old with attitude and is on xbox more or less 24/7 my partner son is so abusive he tells his dad to shut the **** he is just really nasty and a big head that has no respect for myself or his dad he has got his own al through growing up he needs to come down a peg or two shane needs show philip who is the parent and philip should do as his dad ask him but he doesnt only when it suits him

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I have a friend like that

I have a friend like that but there are some deep rooted problems that they as a family have to deal with. There is no standard answer; The only thing you can do is talk with him and get him to see that you believe his son is harming/damaging him and himself. I would encourage you to make sure the point is that, it is damage to him. And your looking out for there well being; Good luck.

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