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hi, for the past day I spend my time searching how to cope and understand my son's situation and as we say there in no coincidence but a purpose that I click this site.

my son who is 22 years old has been going home almost every day 2,4,6 am in the morning and I got so worried for in our place peace and order is also an issue. Doing some queries from my staff and his friends they said my son in busy playing games"DOTA"I rea lly have no idea about this kind of game ,but what worries me is his situation. From all the signs of a gamer addict I think he is one. This started 3months ago when his girlfriend broke with him. He tried to seclude himself and got so irritated when I try to talk to worried too coz 2 years ago he met an accident that cause his frontal skull to be broken and had to be operated. He is a very loving child ,but so much issues about growing up with no  father around,but  2 years he was able to release it when he was a guest speaker in a Christian assembly on how he was able to cope up this anger about his father.

Going back on his present situation I went to school and saw his grades which he has 2 Failing subjects  on the first semester.I talked with guidance counselors in order to brief me as to how to handle,communicate and expect with this kind of situation.which they advise me to do it slowly and make him feel love and don't remove the games from him abruptly,because if you do so,he will be irritated and learn to develop anger and more so will not pay attention to needs lots of patients because it will take struggling to get back my son and praying for his old disposition,a happy,loving and intelligent son.i keep in saying that I love him and make sure to let him know that I'm so concern about him even he doesn't reply me on my messages.

i hope there is someone whom i can get more insights on how to gain,win back my son .

wish and pray for me and to all those who have the same problems.




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Welcome 123mom.

Welcome 123mom.

Our welcome advice is here:

You will find a lot of help on this site. Some people withdaw games slowly (see posts from Maylight ) or see if the child can moderate restricted hours first and if not, withdraw games completely.

My best advice is keep coming back to read as many stories as you can so you can make a plan !


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