Husband's Gaming Addiction Affects Our Eldest Son

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Husband's Gaming Addiction Affects Our Eldest Son

 I don't know that there's anything that can be done at this point. I already made a post about my husband and I's relationship. We had an extensive talk today, and, while he did not admit he was addicted to gaming, he did admit he was addicted to screens. I pushed hard for the one thing I really need to keep our sanity: for him not to put the children on the screens, making a new generation of addicts. I feel this is a God given thing that I must push for, even if it is hard. 

My eldest son was listening through the door. He is 10 1/2. He wanted to come back in and get a book off of Kindle (his father reads inappropriate sci fi books, full of awful behavior, very similar to the games). When he discovered his father was supporting me in keeping him off screens (the only way I can ensure he stays with his Christian readers, and does not sink into immorality), and the only way I can think of getting him off the first person shooters he has learned to play, and watches his father play - he flew into a rage.

He shook all over, and looked at me with utter hate. "I hate her, I hate her, I wish she were dead!" He kept repeating this. Various forms of how much he hated me, how he hated my face, how he wished I were not in his life, and how I am the cause of all his problems, and how I take away everything from him. He also indicated he would not continue with his homeschooling work, unless this were restored.

His father and I explained to him that he was required by law to do school work either by the State or at home - and that we could be arrested if he stopped doing school work. That it was not a favor to us that he were doing his school work, but an expectation.

He also felt this were something originating from me. His father tried to take my side reminding our son how I had washed his butt, cared for him, and done everything I could for him up to this point, but, he continues to feel abject hate for me, even at his young age, his whole body trembling with a desire to, I guess, kill me, he hates me so much.

I cannot seem to explain I am doing this FOR him. I am trying to keep him away from what I know to be bad. I am trying to save his moral health. I am trying to keep him on track academically. I am trying to help him not become a lifelong addict.

I am 9 months pregnant with our 4th child, and, he may get his wish. I may die in the delivery. 

I am so emotionally numb at this point, I can't even register his rant properly. Was curious if anyone else's children reacted this way at such a young age. 

My own son, my eldest, the pride of our family, curses my very existance. 


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Hi Alice

Hi Alice

It is common for kids to kick up a stink when the addictive stuff is turned off. And often it is the Mom who gets the main fall out. Because they feel safe with you they can vent at you. Its hard to take but try not to take it personally. 

The experience of this website is that if you take the games away, give them back and then take them away again, each time the reaction gets bigger. 

SOme time off line and their brains start to heal and they will be more 'normal'

First aid kit for parents here

you may find this website helpful too

Don't forget there is a parents meeting on Thursdays in the typed chat room for support


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Parent's online meeting THURSDAY 9pmEST/EDT click here

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