My daughter is suddenly acutely addicted to Roblox

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My daughter is suddenly acutely addicted to Roblox

Hello :-), thank you in advance for reading my post. I am reaching out because my daughter has had several traumas in the past month. Pretty much all happening on the same day. Almost. My father passed August 4, and she also had a boy at her school, say something very inappropriate about her body, and she had had an incident earlier in the summer where the gas station attendant used a key to enter and walk in on her while she was using the restroom. I think these were triggers, for her to use this as a coping tool. But now, she is addicted to the point where she has lied to me about doing school work from home, when she spent the whole day on Roblox. And that is so unlike her. She is a very honest child. And this is completely , just not like her. She told me that she only feels negative emotions all the time except for when she plays this game. That's the only time she ever feels happiness. Does anybody else have an experience like this? And if so, do you please have any advice? It's been one month. And the addiction is extreme. It happened very quickly.

Lynn Ann Williams

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Hi Lyn

Hi Lyn

Sorry to hear how your daughter has been

Read the info for parents; link in my signature below.

We have a chat meeting on Thursdays

You could start with the book reset your childs brain by Victoria Dunkley first to see how a limited detox works

Games are not the answer here; they will just delay facing the problem and breed the addiction. They stunt emotional development.


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