Setting boundaries and need suggestions

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Setting boundaries and need suggestions

Hi everyone.  I have a son who has been gaming for years and still lives at home.  I have tried everything and am unable to help.  Any time I set a boundary, it is broken.  My son lies, steals, breaks things, has sabatoged my work, my relationships, my friends by slander and gossip, and lies about me to others, has threatened suidcide twice and is getting worse mentally and physically.  I cannot trust him, never could.  Two weeks ago the verbal attacks were beyond comprehension, called me every name in the book and said he relishes it when I suffer, crazy words.  He does nothing to help at home and wants no help, doesn't think he has a problem.  He is not involved in life whatsoever and very little communication.  He's picked up two more addictions, alcholol and smoking while gaming.  His hate towards me (himself, really) grows every day.  Just a matter of time before the next blow up happens.  It's just me, and I have no support of family, just you.  He has helped to pay his share of utilities and partial rent which is a good thing but expects to do whatever he pleases regardless if it's destructive or how it affects me or others.  I watch as the life is being sucked out of him.  I go into his dark room to see if he's still alive.  I would like an intervention but don't know how to go about doing that.  I know I'm up against a disease and am affected by it, too, and need other's strength, suggestions and help.   Thank you.



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Welcome Michele

Welcome Michele

There is a thread about all kinds of interventions; it may help you undertsand more about talking to the addict and formal interventions. But it can be hard to break through to the addict.

Even though he is paying rent, you still have a right to have rules in your home. When my son was living with me we made him hand over all his computers and devices. We stopped him gaming. He decided to leave. that was good for me and for him. they have to learn about life the hard way sometimes.

You say he has threatened suicide. There is a thread about the threat of self harm here that may help give you a perspective on this.

It sounds like your life is unbearable; so take control and make things right for you in your own home by making it game free. keep coming back to find out more. the more you read the more sure you will become.

Read the members stories sticky post on this forum to find out what parents did.


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