Wife and son are gamers and gamblers

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Wife and son are gamers and gamblers

it is sad. Sad sad. My son , an undergraduate in one of the local universities , very much into star war galaxies of heroes , a highly addicted game.. he spent 6 hours on the game daily for the whole of 2016. He failed in the final exam. Dropped out of college in the last year. And he quit the online game but his addiction doesn't stop. He went on to do poker playing in a casino - 5 to 10 hours a day. He thought he could be a pro poker player. 

My wife does similar things. For three to four years in a row , she was sitting in a room next to my son's room, playing candy crush for at least 6-8 hours every day. Simultaneously , she would watch tv drama on her lap top. Whenever I made a negative comment she would be very unhappy. Now the son was gone for another "big endeavour"( poker playing). She wouldn't think she had had bad influence on him. I was devastated. I know there is environmental and genetic factor. From day 1 my wife did the candy crush gaming I know something bad was going to happen one day. My premonition was right. What could I do ? 

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Welcome advice for spouses here

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Welcome to the forums. I am so sorry to hear how online addictions seem to be blighting your family.

My best advice is that you keep coming back here to read the forums; both the parent forums and the spouse forums.

Much of the essential info is in the sticky post areas at the top of each forum.

Get to know about addiction and what you, as a loved one can do. You cannot control their addiction or make them recover, but you can stop enabling their addiction ( the part YOU play in keeping them gaming) and "look after" you so that you can have a happy life inspite of their addiction, once you know that you have done that you can.



Keep coming back ! You are not alone.



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