Crossing the line?

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Crossing the line?

first a little history, my husband works for a retail store he is the ass. manager. his dad is the manager and the store is owned by a family and run by a head office, and occassionally the head office will send one of their guys down just to see how things are going. i recently found out that not only is my husband on line gaming every waking hour at home but he is playing at work as well. according to him both the guy from head office and his dad have seen him playing and don't have a problem with it. now knowing how he is at home if bothered when playing i honestly can't see it not affecting his work( i guess i could be wrong) my question is this: is it ok to talk to his dad in confidence and ask him to talk to him about the playing at work, maybe to make it sound like its been brought to his attention that the other guys have made comments? (now the one thing is im not very close to my father in law and dont know if i can trust that he wont bring me into the conversation, but i do feel if he knows how its affecting our marriage he will want to help) or do i go right to the head office guy and say "look this is what is happening to me and my husband because of all his time on this game can you maybe suggest that he cut out the work hours as he is there to work and not play on company time, that he let it go this long, but now he feels its to much?" my hope is maybe if guys he respects say something to him that maybe he will go WOW maybe i am spending to much time on that game and i need to pay more attention to my REAL life. (now really i think im in a fantasy land) im just at my wits end im grasping for anything to try and get the ball rolling to get him to realize this has got to stop, or least slow down to minimum. if there is anyone with some wise words as to should or shouldn't i, it would be appreciated. i just dont want him to find out and it come back to me and theings get even worse here at home. thank you for listening.

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Re: Crossing the line?

Hi jozzie, I have listened, but I have no advice on this matter.

I am not sure whether talking to your husbandA's father is a good idea, it might be or might ot be, not enough data here for me to decide.

Wish you to find some solution.

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Re: Crossing the line?

Hello Jozzie,

Thank you for sharing your story.

Have you read this post

Is there anything in there, that can help you? Will you husband come to this board?

I am not sure about talking to his Dad. I don't know how your relationships are. I see nothing wrong with bringing up the subject, and asking him what he thinks of his son gaming at work.....

You do need to tell others what is happening in your home, so they understand where you are coming from. Nothing will ever happen, when you keep it a secret. Everyone will continue to play their roles in this game. Maybe you will be the one to make the first move, to get off of that merry-go-round.

Keep us posted on what happens...


Liz Woolley

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