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help! advice!

Here is some background knowledge of my relationship: My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years. We've lived together for a year and 6 months. We are a great pair, I feel very much that he is the One. But of course we have our problem: gaming and weed. I work part time, go to school full time and have a part time internship. He works full time at his familys company.

We've had many arguments and conversations in the past about video games getting in the way of our relationship. Day in and day out, he's playing hours and hours (in one sitting) and on the weekends, he plays more so. He won't go to bed with me most nights because he wants to stay up and play games. I get home from work/school, he is playing games, smoking pot. Motivation to do anything other than sit on the couch, play video games and smoke weed is the challenge of everyday it seems. Its a constant struggle to get him to get off of the xbox to hang out with me or go outside and do something.

Throughout our relationship, he has talked about how in high school and college he felt like an outsider because he was different. so maybe thats the psychological part to it. Its gets consuming to always talk about video games and arguing about it. Its like we bicker more than were loving, supporting, doing normal activites that 20+ year olds should be doing.

the real story is what happened to me this morning::

I get out of class and see that I have a missed call from my boyfriends mom. She tells me that my boyfriend called in sick yesterday (which i knew, and didnt support) and today to work. He told his mom that both him and i got food poisoning and neither of us could go to work. He recently got the new game GTA5 and has been playing it nonstop. yesterday, he was playing it through out the day and i just know that him staying home was because he felt like not working and wanted to play GTA5. i am so disgusted that he lied, that he lied and brought me into it and disappointed that video games have this much of a control on him.

At what point do you turn away? At what point do you get so frustrated that all the conversations you have, all of the promises he makes to change..don't mean anything? or should you stand by their side, help them through it even though your miserable??