I bribed him with Ice Cream

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I bribed him with Ice Cream

I'm new to this site-but am so happy I found it. My ex-boyfriend made me feel I was crazy and bad for telling him he was a video game addict. But the truth is-he is! This site has helped me realize how far in denial he is. I had two major wake up calls. The first- I went into him while he was playing and told him I was upset and very lonely. He told me "you need to get a hobby." and continued to play video games. He never said another word to me about it. The second was during a argument he screamed at me "I am so sick of you, my family all my friends telling me I play to much video games!" I said to him "You sound like a drug addict! It's everyone's fault but your own!" He just doesnt seem to get it. He plays excessively- to the point he suffers from major migraine headaches every single weekend, has horrble muscle pains in his thighs and horrible acne all up his legs, butt and back. And he has convinced himself none of things are BC he games! DId I mention he is 34 years old?!? I even spoke to one of his childhood best friends after the break up and he to is concerned that now that he will be living by himself he is going to move further and deeper into addiction. This is a man who would take his entire week's paid vacation and stay-in his pajamas for a entire week playing video games and eating delivery! In the summer I would actually go into his room and ask him if he wanted to go for ice cram to lure him off the computer so I could spend some time with him! One time I was away for 5 days and came home to the house to cat litter stench and one of the cats actually pooped out of the litter box BC it was so full- and when I asked him about it-as he was playing video games- he said "I just didnt think about it!"
UGh- I could go on. We did break-up and he actually had the nerve to tell me he had been playing more video games as a symptom of being unhappy with us! I wanted to punch him! I'm just broken hearted- and frustrated- we were best friends for more than 15 years. I'm very angry and hurt-we had a really good thing and he throws everything away for video games. I guess I just need some support. Thanks!

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Hello, Welcome to

Hello, Welcome to OLG-Anon. Thank you for sharing your heart-breaking story. It is so sad when we loose good people to these games, and we watch how they change and see what they become - not the same person we knew, at all! Please stay around for support for yourself. You deserve to be with someone who is in love with you, not a game. It is NOT your fault that he is playing more - it is his choice! Liz

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Such a sad situation that

Such a sad situation that you and your ex are in. My heart goes out to both of you. From what I've read there is little else you could have done than what you did. It's almost like watching a slow death. So very sorry. Hopefully he will eventually hit "his" own personal low point and wake up to what his addiction has done. If only any of us addicts could appreciate and listen to those who truly love us in the real world. They are right; we are wrong. We just can't see that because like a rabies virus the addiction takes over our mind. It's scary in hindsight how much I lost my free will while addicted. I wish there was a magic pill that could cure it, but It seems that most just have to hit rock bottom before they can see it. Prayer, prayer, prayer and more prayer helps tons I think. One woman I barely knew prayed for me towards the end. I think they might have helped, who knows. It didn't hurt, thats for sure ;-) Good luck

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You are not crazy. I feel

You are not crazy. I feel like an idiot for some of the things I said to justify gaming, hopefully one day your ex will too, Seriously, I'm not trying to excuse him, he is responsible, he has to change, he has to seek forgiveness with those he has hurt, but don't let his attempts to put it on you mess with your head. He is in a bad place and not thinking right. James

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I agree with James. I'm a

I agree with James. I'm a firm believe in tough love sometimes. Sounds like you tried to address his addiction but he was unwilling to do his part. You have nothing to feel guilty about. You reached out your hand and he didn't seem to try to grab for it.

"Falling down is not a failure. Not getting back up is the true failure"

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