I never thought I'd wind up on this message board but...

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I never thought I'd wind up on this message board but...

I've known my boyfriend for 4 years now and we've been dating for almost two years straight (we dated for 6 months when we first met one another). When we first met one another, I had no clue about how much World of Warcraft he actually played. He would tell me that he stayed up all night "looking at things on the internet". Once we got back together and I started to sleep over, that's when I realized how much he played. I found out there's a way to figure out how long in total they've been playing their character and it was over 250 days(he actually has several as well). He became the raid leader of his guild and I would wake up to him yelling at other people over his headset.

I decided to start to play WoW in order to maybe hope that it would bring us closer. And it did for awhile but I couldn't manage to keep up, plus I had no desire to spend all my free time in front of a computer. He will go to bed around 4am every night, usually when I get up and get ready for work. Our sex life has decreased, it is always me pushing to have sex and what were at least an hour long sex session, are now tops 15 minutes and then he falls asleep. I don't get many nights off and now his friend found a Magic the Gathering card tournament this weekend when I thought we could spend most of the weekend together. It's embarassing that he's 22 and he is going to these things like its not a big deal when everyone else who is there is 13!

I have gotten into fights with him, about how we need to start to figure out what to do with our lives together and where to live and to get engaged and I can't seem to get an answer out of him. He says I'm being superficial and that I shouldn't care what people think. The only time I see desire in his eyes is when he's playing some boss or he's talking about the new starter pack coming out. I get so upset cause I think he's just settling and that he doesn't even want me, that he just wants the game. I don't know what to do anymore but I'm glad to see there are other people going through what I'm going through so I know I'm not alone.