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I was wondering what the next step is or if there is one... Yesterday I found a reciept for computer memory and game cards that he hadnt told me he bought and had obviously hidden from me. I havnt mentioned to him that I have found them yet... not sure why I just am not sure that it would be beneficial, and It would only encourage him to hide things better. Anyway this morning I called Home from work and while we were on the phone I said something to him that went like this... I am not accusing or angry I have a question for you and I am hoping that you will answer with the way that you truly feel, and then I asked him if he felt that he had a problem with the computer, as far as usage.. He answered that he did play excessively but that he didnt see that it was a problem. My question is... Is there a next step... something that I could say to him or do I just keep my mouth shut? He is always complaining of being tired and he is getting close to the point of crash and burn in that area.. since he goes to bed at 3 or 4 am and then has to get up with the kids at 8. Also on july 8th we are going on vacation so no computer for 7 days.. any suggestions for then... I am sure there will be withdrawels any advice appreciated and thanks again


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Re: Ideas????

I wish I did know what to say...

He's an addict.

He's getting worse.

He's like Mrs. Robinson hiding her booze in the pantry.

I hope he doesn't have a laptop with a wireless feature, good luck getting him out of the game on your vacation if he does...

I'm sorry, there's nothing silver lining to this cloud.

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Re: Ideas????

Quote:My question is... Is there a next step... something that I could say to him or do I just keep my mouth shut?

His admittal was an important first step. Good work on your part. Now slowly and tentatively in moments like this ask him similar questions. On whether he would like to get his schedule under control etc. etc.

You get a dialog going, which is something else than nagging .. very good that

Nothing more for now, but you were right I believe from not telling him about the found paper... keep it to yourself, then maybe some day when the opportunity presents itself, i.e. when he has admitted he might behave in unhealthy ways etc, ask him whether buying things secretly belongs to the addiction too.

But that is far off into the future, for now, enjoy the little bit more conversation you may have with him.



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