I'm losing my husband to NWN.

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I'm losing my husband to NWN.

[font] [face=georgia color=navy size=4] Hi I need an outside opinion. My husband is always playing this online role playing game. Whenever he is home he is on this game. His is NWN online. I have tried not to nag but IaEU(tm)m sure I have. But I have tried to just come up with something that we both can live with. Maybe just give up one day a week without the game or just play after dinnertime even just wait until the kids are in bed. He wonaEU(tm)t agree to any of it. Our 2 boys ages 14 & 11 also play this game. But their time is limited. Anyway I will get to my point. Well he had started acting secretive with the game. He wouldnaEU(tm)t let our boys watch him play anymore. I woke up a couple of mornings while he was getting ready for work and he had the computer in the bathroom with him then. I asked him about it and he said he was just checking the game forums. Which that may be true but I think that shows he is addicted to this game. So after he left for work one morning I got on his computer to see what is so great about this game. Well after looking around I see where his character is having a romantic relationship with another character. I won't go into all the details. I donaEU(tm)t know a lot about these games. I thought it was just doing quest, seeing how many cool items you can make, find etc. The have been sending pmaEU(tm)s to each other. Which he says is all in character. Well I guess you can say I hit the roof. He says IaEU(tm)m overreacting which I have been known to do. But I think it is wrong that he is talking romantically to other women. I donaEU(tm)t care if it is online pretending to be someone else. It has upset me so bad. I can't sleep or eat. I don't know what to do. I found more things to this girl character that he didn't tell me about and I hit the roof again. I was so upset and I want the pain to just stop. I ended up at the hospital...I can't deal with this. I don't even want to get up in the morning because I know it is going to be me watching him playing and me wondering if he is talking to her. He flat out refuses to give up the game. Just a note. He still goes to work and does his job, he still goes to church. [/font]

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Re: I'm losing my husband to NWN.

I am sorry to hear about your husband.

The thing about addiction is, its the same in gaming as in alcoholism. Sure there are the skid row equivalents, people who went all the way down to nothing, but many addicts are still able to function outside the game in a minimal way, or sometimes in a more substantial way. It doesn't mean they're not addicted.

The trouble is, like many other addictions (e.g. gambling), this seems to be a slow progressive disorder, it may be that he is still staying above water but his ability to stay up keeps getting weaker and weaker. WE have no way to know. WE've seen it but it doesn't mean it applies to him. Only you and he would know that for sure.

I'm more concerned about you. Forget appearances, it is important to know that you matter and that his dissing you is wrong. You are not alone in this. And you have to take care of yourself first.

However it works out, I wish you all the best. Good luck to you.

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