Modern Warfare 2

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Modern Warfare 2

I am blown away by the way Modern Warfare has changed my boyfriend. We live together and have two daughters. He has always been a loving, understanding, caring man. He was always big on family and us doing things together as a family. We never really fought yes occasional disagreements but no serious fights. He asked for this game, I bought it for him as a valentines gift. I just don't know what to do when he plays it he gets violent, he will play for hours on end. I have tried everything, I yelled, I dressed up got all sexy, I wrote letters, I have cried, I have threatened to leave. He has lied to me , this game has ruined the man I feel in love with and has made me fall out of love with him. I am at my wits end I want him back and have no idea what to do. He is 34 and i think too old and when you have a family to put so much importance into a video game. Should I give up and move on? I have our daughters to think of to.