Please help... my husband IS addicted to LoL (League of Ledgends)

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Please help... my husband IS addicted to LoL (League of Ledgends)

hi there all, i would like to share my story as I am at wits end and I love my husband dearly but he is addicted to the online game league of legends. I met my husband when I was 14 years old and we had a son when I was 16 he then left me, I raised my son for a year and a half on my own and we then got back together and got married. For a young couple we were very happy until he started playing starcraft2 online. He then found LoL and have been playing for over a year and a half. He will go to work at 7 in the morning and when he comes home he will take a shower and start playing. I cook for him and then he even eats while he plays, he goes to bed after 1am. this routine is during the week. On weekends he will play until after 4am and when he wakes up he starts the computer up and starts playing again. He does not speak to me or his son, he doesnt do anything with us or for us. His excuse is that he works all day and he is tired. He says the game helps him with stress wich I understand and I dont mind him having this as a hobby but it has to end at a point, he just keeps going. When he plays he uses the most awfull language and swear words and he doesnt care if our 6year old hears it or not. We dont have a sex life anymore and he blames this one me. I am a good looking woman who takes care of herself so I dont see a problem. He now resorts to porn and 5min in the bathroom just to take the edge off. His internet bill is (I live in RSA my currency is in rands) R1500 a month and even though we dont have serious financial problems he was willing to send me and our son away to my parents due to financial problems but he refuses to cancel his internet. please help