Thanks everyone!!

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Thanks everyone!!

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the support you guys have offered. It has been wonderful here with you telling me that I am not crazy even though I have wondered My husband still refuses to admit that he has a problem.. however honestly I believe that gaming is only the cover for the problems that run much deeper. Everything you guys have helped me on, even if the situation doesnt make it feasible at the time, has shown me that I have more support from people who's faces I have never seen than I do in real life... However I have had a really hard time with some things, such as making him take responsibility for himself. I often wake him up for work, cook for him, do his laundry and I had to ask myself why... At first I thought it was because I love him, But after a lot of thought I realize that the real reason is because if I dont he yells at me and gets extremely angry saying that I dont care about him. I have often asked myself what I get in return... and I have came to the conclusion that a few things that I dont get include but are not limited to
-time with someone special
-shared responsibilities
and the things that i do get is
-Free mediocre child care
-help with finances
-hope that some day things can be different, although that is almost gone

I wish I could say that you guys telling me to send him here works.. but to tell you the truth that only angers him. I have even went so far in a desperate moment to start to unplug the computer and that made him so angry that he grabbed my arm hard enough to leave a huge bruise. so the fact that a piece of machinery is important enough to hurt me over really hurt my heart more than my arm. His excuse after the fact was that he doesnt hit women and I must just bruise easily. A lot of the suggestions that I appreciate is one by calmforce about the foundation of the person... I totally agree with that, also a story that someone shared on here about putting forth as much effort in real life as he had previously in gaming and lastly one that someone had posted on here about starting a jewlery business and being really happy with that.... I have been wanting to do the same with ebay selling for a long time... It is things like those posts that give me hope, and for that I have to say that I am so grateful for you guys...

Thank you

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Re: Thanks everyone!!

Quote:His excuse after the fact was that he doesnt hit women and I must just bruise easily.

Sure, and if squirrels fall from the trees if a hunter rides by, itA's because they have become sea-sick.

I am glad you are doing better Holly, now that you have taken a honest and unblemished look at the situation, see what you can do about it, but patiently and carefully, and always with the biggest respect and care towards yourself.

I wish you a hol(l)y time and thank you for letting us know that we are of help


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