Absolutely Guttered feel like i am crazy

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Absolutely Guttered feel like i am crazy

Hi Everyone,

I am wanting a bit of advise with regards to a current situation that i am faced with, my husband games pretty much every free hour that he has if he isnt gaming he is sleeping, i have accepted that and started to detach. The part that is getting to me is i had a rule please do not play online with other women as it adds unnessassary stress on our relationship. I have asked him a few times about a women on their clan and he tells me he doesnt play with her, yet last night i heard him chatting about her, then i ask does he communicate with her directly and he stated no only on the group chat, yet i go onto his cell and there she is they have been chatting direct. I didnt read the messages as i was fuming with regards to the lies and hiding this from me. Am i crazy for feeling completely betrayed and that there is actually more to this as the other women is engaged but i mean then why hide it.

I am responsible for all in the house and with the kids ect and this is really sending my head spinning i really do not know what to do.

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I don't think you are crazy

I don't think you are crazy for feeling that way at all. This is a huge shock to you.
Your feelings are important
The thing to take note of is that his personality is affected by his addiction. It all makes sense in his eyes. You are a healthy individual so you can see sense

It's very hard to cope with this. It's something that needs to be thought carefully about. The first stage is to accept the situation for what it is. Perhaps you are still coming to terms with what is going on. You can decide to act in your own sweet time when you are ready. Give space for yourself to think.
Consider counselling

He cannot see your pain. It is not compatable with his addiction. Addicts report that when they are in addiction they just cannot see it. Also addict behaviour is manipulative so it pays him to make you look like the one with the problem, because then he does not have to face he has a problem.

You are in a challenging situation. i hope you can find your self and be at peace and find support to get you through. Take care.


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