BF is addicted to gaming and I’ve tried everything

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BF is addicted to gaming and I’ve tried everything

We’ve been together for about a two years now and it hadn’t been bad until we moved in together about 9 months ago; typically he’ll sleep in until 11 or 12 in the afternoon. He’ll go to work at 1pm and won’t get home until anywhere between 9-11pm at night. I’ll cook dinner and he’ll play games all night until 5am and often times falls asleep on the couch. I’ve tried talking to him about but he always says I’m over reacting or that he’s “just stressed”. I’ve seen little improvements but all around it’s just me making date plans, cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. When I try to stop doing things and coddling him he’ll say that I am lazy and need to do more. Usually I just let him be and this ends up with me on my phone or reading for the night and then going to bed alone. Any suggestions because I’m all out of options and completely exhausted

edit: it’s gotten to the point where he will never text me back but will text his xbox friends back and if I call him and ask a favor he groans and moans about it; typically just ignoring me... it concerns me because he has 3/4 female friends on xbox


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Hi Emily

Hi Emily

It sounds like he is trying to manipulate you which is a product of his addiction.

Check out the link for spouses / So's in my signature below. It will give you the information and tools you need to start making changes.

It has links to boundaries, enabling , detaching with love, interventions, online cheating, whether to leave or stay etc.

If you don't change what you do then neither will he need to change.

Let us know how you get on.



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